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Manchester University Science Seminars Fall 2010
Mondays 4-4:50 p.m. in Flory Auditorium



Speaker / Topic

Sept. 6

Faculty Introductions

Sept. 13

Greg Clark, "Quantitative Electrostatic Force Microscopy on Au and Pt"
Recording Not Available

Sept. 20

Kyle Carlson, "Analysis of Magnetic Susceptibility Artifacts Produced by Catheters During MRI"
& Jessamy Rogers, "Dusty, Wind-blown Bubbles"
Seminar video Video

Sept 27

Graduate School Panel (Brauch, Ahmad, Davis, Costello, Polando)
Seminar video Video

Oct. 4 John Bruce "Analysis of ultra compact ionized hydrogen regions (UCHII) within the northern half of the galactic disk" & Adelaide Kamagaju "The Influence of Leishmania major on PU.1 and ETS-2 transcription factors in macrophage cells"
Seminar video Video
Oct. 11 American Chemical Society, Chemistry Week, ACS students and faculty
Recording Not Available

Oct. 18

Fall Break

Oct. 25

Rick Thompson, Biostatistics, Johns Hopkins University, "Biostatistics: What it is and Why you might make it
a Career"
Seminar video Video

Nov. 1

Jason Kissel and Bob Frantz, "ACRES Land Trust and Wildwood"
Seminar video Video

Nov. 8

Natalie Collar "The Traveling Salesman Problem with Varying Home Points" & Nadia Nubani "Using Probiotics to Improve the Large Intestinal Microbiota of Young Chicks"
Recording Not Available

Nov. 15

Non-MD Careers in Medicine (panel with Paul Fry-Miller and Lori Zimmerman organized by Susan Klein)

Nov. 22

Sarah Lauinger "The Keto-enol Tautomerism of Acetylacetone: A Theoretical Study and an Introduction to Computational Chemistry", & Brooke Hurlburt "The Effects of Rhamnolipid on Aggregation of Metal Oxides in Aqueous Solution"
Seminar video Video

Nov. 29

Herb Manifold, "Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Spotted Owls in the Trinity National Forest"
Seminar video Video

Alex Hall, "Biogeochemical Cycles in the Hubbard Brook Experimental Watershed of the Green Mountains,
New Hampshire"
Seminar video Video

Dec. 6

Forensic Science, Graham Polando & Mark Bryant
Seminar video Video

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