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Athletic Training Student

Retention & Transfer Student Policy



Retention Policy

Once accepted into the athletic training major, a Manchester University Athletic Training student
must maintain a 2.50 GPA in his/her athletic training courses (the Athletic Training Index, or
ATI) in order to enroll in the next clinical or field experience course in that student’s academic
sequencing. The ATI is calculated by the ATEP director after each semester and January
session. If a student fails to meet this requirement the student will be placed on academic
probation within the athletic training program and not given permission to enroll in the next
clinical or field experience course. The student will be on probation for one semester and be
given the ability to be reinstated into the clinical or field experience courses once the 2.50 GPA
is achieved. If this GPA is not achieved after one probationary semester the student will be
dismissed from the athletic training program. Once accepted into the athletic training major, a
student may be placed on probation only once. A second academic probation will result in
dismissal from the athletic training program. The retention policy is separate from the University’s
academic probation and disqualification policies.

Transfer Student Policy

The Manchester University Athletic Training Program will accept transfer students who have met
stated program admission requirements printed in the entry athletic training application that can
be found on the athletic training website and student handbook. The level a student is placed in
the ATEP depends on competencies and proficiencies completed at the previous institution, the
student’s ability to demonstrate proficiency in those proficiencies, and credits transferring from
previous institution. Please contact the ATEP Director about your particular situation. Transfer
students must also meet Manchester University’s requirements for admission. All transfer student
must have an interview with the athletic training faculty and staff before admittance into the

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