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PEP (Physical Education Program) Fitness Gram TestingThe Fitness Gram is a test administered to students at the beginning and end of each PEP semester. This test monitors the student's fitness improvement through the years to help them understand the benefits of staying physically active. The test focuses on muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, body composition and cardiovascular endurance.

The first test is known as the Pacer test. This test is used to measure the cardiovascular endurance of the student. The test starts by having the students run from one line to another. There is a "beep" that signals them to go. Once the students start running, they must make it to the other line (about 30 feet) before they hear another "beep." This continues on for a minute and then there is a short rest interval. At the start of the next minute, the "beeps" become faster and the test continues on in this pattern until there is no one left to test.

The next test that is administered is the push up test, which measures the student's upper body strength. Students must perform as many push ups as they can in a row without losing proper form.

The third test is the sit up test used to evaluate the core strength of each student. This is performed by having the student do as many curl ups as they can in 60 seconds.

After this, the students are tested on their flexibility with a sit and reach test. A measuring device specifically designed for this test is used and the right and left leg both are tested for flexibility capabilities.

The last part of the Fitness Gram includes measuring the student's weight, height and body mass index. The body mass index uses a specific formula to identify each student's percent of body fat.



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