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Special Olympics Manchester

Special Olympics Manchester has really grown over the years! Thanks to Eunice Kennedy Shriver's incredible vision, it is clear individuals with intellectual disabilities benefit from participation in sports. Sports training and competition have instilled athletes with self-confidence and pride and empowered them to become accepted and contributing members of the communities in which they live and work.

Of course, Special Olympics hasn't grown by itself. What you observe at any area or state competition would not be possible without the support of many groups. Generous contributions from sponsors, like the Indiana Campus Compact and the Community Foundation of Wabash County, have enabled Special Olympics Manchester to provide sports training and competition at no cost to its athletes. Coaches and volunteers dedicate personal time to ensure the athletes gain the most from their Special Olympics experience. Families provide an additional support system and share in the wonderful accomplishments of every athlete. But perhaps the most important group in the Special Olympics Manchester program is the athletes themselves. The athletes have inspired us all to do our best; for it is the journey of competition, and not the result, that defines one's character.

We are proud to share in the accomplishments of everyone associated with the Special Olympics Manchester program. We strive to expand our services and recruit more athletes to make our program one of the finest in the state of Indiana. Although we have come a long way, we have many hurdles still to go over. The best is yet to come - and with the athletes leading the way, the future of Special Olympics has never looked brighter.

If you would like further information about Special Olympics Manchester, please contact the local coordinator:

Dr. Kim A. Duchane, CAPE
604 E College Ave., MU Box PERC
North Manchester, IN 46962
E-mail: kaduchane@manchester.edu
Phone: 260-982-5382
Fax: 260-982-5032


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