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Science Seminar Series

Featured Student, Peter Bauson

 Peters account of his January 2013 Course.

      "In January 2013, I had the opportunity to go to Zambia, Africa for ENVS Special Problems 380.  My parents are missionaries there, and are involved in several projects that aid in economic development and are related to environmental studies.  With the help of my advisor, I was able to design my own course about how aquaculture can be used for small-scale rural farmers to move beyond a subsistence lifestyle to a higher standard of living.  I spent a lot of time at a hatchery where Tilapia are raised from eggs that are harvested from the mouths of breeder fish.  After the eggs are collected, they are taken to the hatchery where they hatch and stay until their yolk sack is gone.  Then they are transferred to small ponds where they are fed until they are fingerlings (about the size of a little finger).  From there they are transferred to grow-out ponds where they are grown to about 150 grams and sold at the local market. 

       I also spent some time with local small-scale fish farmers who shared what they had learned and how they had benefited from fish farming.  It was a great experience. 

     Aside from my involvement in aquaculture, I was able to experience the culture of Zambia and get a taste of Africa.  I had the chance to see Victoria Falls, lots of African wildlife in Botswana, eat a poisonous snake, play Ultimate Frisbee with the Zambian kids, and much more.  I could not have asked for a better Jan-term!"






2000 Newly Hatched Tilapia

Zambians Working on a Fish Pond

Newly Hatched Fry ready to move into a Small Pond

Small-Scale fish farmer




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