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November Events

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Day of the Dead: Come Celebrate Dia de Los Muertes, a Mexican holiday honoring of the dead. Refreshments, altars, and a mariachi band all in one!

1-6pm Upper Union


Kenapoc: Each Monday evening, Kenapoc has a discussion night about a given peace and justice issue. Today Kenapoc will combine with Hispanos Unidos to discuss the School of Americas.



Election Day! Be sure to VOTE and watch the Election Results!


Peace House Movie: Each Thursday night, the Peace Studies Coordinator shows a peace and justice film at the Peace House. Tonight's screening will be Can Mr. Smith Get to Washington Anymore? in lieu of election week.

10pm, Peace House.


Film Night: A combined event with Kenapoc and Philosophy Club, Sufficient Condition, we will be watching V for Vendetta at the Peace House. Invite friends and join us to "remember, remember the 5th of November."

8pm, Peace House.

7-13th is Focus on Faith Week sponsored by the Campus Interfaith Board. The theme is "Hidden Treasures." Enjoy a variety of events that relate to faith and social justice.


Focus on Faith Week


Manchester COB free university meal: Nearly every Sunday, the Manchester Church of the Brethren hosts a free meal for university students. Come and receive a wonderful ministry and wonderful food!

5:30pm, Manchester COB, 1306 North Beckley


Focus on Faith Week


Kenapoc: Kenapoc will be split into two topics. #1 Student Senate bill proposal, should MU become a smoke free campus? #2 Quenton Oaks and Richard Babb will be leading a discussion on Open Source Software.

9pm, Ken Brown's House, 902 E. 9th St.


Focus on Faith Week


Power Hour: Power Hour is an inter-club discussion event over controversial issues. MUIA, Kenapoc, US, and other clubs come together to discuss and learn! Tonight's topic is Blood Diamonds.

7pm, Place TBA


Focus on Faith Week


There will be a presentation on Christianity and Islaam by David Waas. David is a retired professor of history at MU and leads the Seniors for Peace group at Timbercrest. Come and expect to learn!

7pm, Chapel Lounge


Focus on Faith Week


Veterans Day

In the links above is an interactive site by CNN with fallen soldier counts in Iraq & Afghanistan.


Peace House Movie: in correlation with the Focus on Faith Week theme, the film Blood Diamond will be shown.

10pm, Peace House


Focus on Faith Week


Each year for Focus on Faith Week a student pot-luck meal is held in the Chapel. Come and bring what you can, whether it is homemade brownies, green bean casseroll, or simply a jar of jelly beans. We will be reenacting the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving!

6pm Chapel


2010 Progressive Brethren Gathering: The Church of the Brethren holds a Progressive Brethren Conference each year, and this year it is local! The theme is "Forward Together, Conversations Toward an Enlightened Community."

Events include a Mutual Kumquat Concert, Keynote speaker Ruthann Johansen, president at Bethany Theological Seminary, meals, workshops, and Square Dancing!

Conference beings @ 5pm, Manchester COB


Focus on Faith Week

Mutual Kumquat Concert! @ 8:15pm, Wampler


2010 Progressive Brethren Gathering @

All day, Manchester COB


2010 Progressive Brethren Gathering @

Concludes after morning worship, Mancester COB


Manchester COB Free University Dinner @5:30pm


Kenapoc @ 9pm, Topic: TBA


School of Americas Watch Trip!

The SOA is a military training school that trains foreign military personnel in counterinsurgency, psychological and physical torture tactics, sniper shooting and more. The graduates of the school have known to commit heinous crimes to their own people in Latin America. MU Peace Studies is committed to closing the SOA. Each November we take two 15 passenger vans to the military base in Georgia to join in the 20,000 member witness in rally and vigil.

Today the early van leaves MU to attend the protest.

Time: TBA.

Ft. Benning, Columbus, GA


School of Americas Watch Trip! Today the last van leaves MU to attend the protest.

Time: TBA.

Ft Benning, Colombus, GA


School of Americas Watch Trip!

Today is the Rally portion of the SOA Watch protest. Enjoy lively street theatre, visit the booths, and attend evening workshops at the conference center.



Manchester COB Free University Dinner @5:30pm


School of Americas Watch Trip!

Today is the more somber Funeral Procession where the victims are recognized.

Return to MU early Monday morning.


Kenapoc: : Hear an overview of the SOA Watch Trip and discuss Current Events.

9pm, Ken Brown's House


Thanksgiving Break


Kenapoc: Tentative Guest Speaker, Carol Horn from the Wabash COB and Education for Conflict Resolution, will share about her organization Growing Grounds--an advocacy program supporting women in transition from life in prison to reentry into society.

9pm, Ken Brown's House


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