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Science Seminar Series

Student Summer Internships

Peter Bauson, Class of2015

            "I worked at the Virginia Tech Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Center (FMCC) in June and July of 2012.  The FMCC is a cooperative research and propagation facility to restore and recover endangered freshwater mollusks in Virginia and adjacent states.  While there, I worked in both the field and the mussel lab where I helped raise juvenile mussels from glochidia to mussels of a releasable size.  Field work involved wading in streams to collect host fish and snorkeling to collect gravid mussels.  Lab work included feeding mussels and host fish, cleaning and maintaining culture systems, following survival rates of juvenile mussels, and more." 

             "It was a great opportunity and an awesome experience.  I was exposed to new experiences and techniques in both the field and the lab.  I made good friends and important connections in my field.  I couldn’t have asked for a better summer!"

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Snorkling on the Clinch River

Morgan Hill, Class of 2013

           "Over three months, I worked for Dr. Sweeten as a watershed technician for the 319 project. I worked with 4 other technicians doing water chemistry, fish surveys, and e-coli testing. We collected water samples and conducted phosphorus, nitrate, and total suspended solids tests. After a month, we conducted fish surveys on the Eel River. I was also able to do my own research. My research was about hydrology and I never thought I would get excited about stream discharge and calibrating streams. Another technician, Josh was able to help me with the research by going out in the field and collecting measurements. I learned how to be efficient at working in a lab and being able to run tests with other interns. Hands on experience showed a side of science, which I did not know before, but I enjoyed it more than I thought I would."

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