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Fulbright Recipients

Angela Rogers ('96)
Stephen Stose ('96)
Hal Bond ('99)
Danny Klingler ('02)
Kate Brelje ('11)

Recent Placement into Graduate Programs

Medicine: Harvard Univ., Univ. of New Mexico
Law: IUPUI, IU/Bloomington, Ohio Northern University
Philosophy: Colorado State University, Cornell Univ., Indiana Univ./Bloomington, Purdue Univ., St. Andrews Univ. (Scotland), Univ. of Minnesota, Univ. of Notre Dame, Univ. of Wisconsin/Milwaukee
Theology/Religion: Bethany Theol. Seminary, Candler School of Theol. (Emory), Ilif School of Theol.; Catholic Univ. of America
City Planning: MIT
Economics: Univ. of South Florida
Library Science: Kent State, Univ. of Illinois (Champagne/Urbana)
Museum Studies: IUPUI
Political Science: Univ. of Chicago.

News from our Graduates

  • 2011
    • Kate Brelje (philosophy/art, '11) spent the 2011/12 academic year teaching English to High School students in South Korea as part of the Fulbright program, and is currently enrolled in the MA program in philosophy at Colorado State University. [09/12]
    • Bethany Clark (religion, '11) will be serving as Director of Youth Ministry at the Palmyra Church of the Brethren (Pennsylvania) as well as beginning her graduate studies through Bethany Theological Seminary. [05/11]
    • Zach Washington (philosophy/peace studies, '11) served as the Peace Studies Intern at Manchester for 2011/12, and is currently teaching English in Thailand. [10/12]
  • 2010
    • Paul Billingsley (religion/philosophy, '10) entered the law program this fall at Ohio Northern University. [10/11]
    • Jonathan Fagan (religion/Spanish [minor], '10) recently began work at Shepherd Community Inc., an inner city ministry that works to break the cycle of generational poverty. Despite his marked lack of experience with gymnastics, John made such a positive impression that he was hired as the new gymnastics coach. [10/10]
    • Stephen Fakoyejo (religion [minor]/bio-chemistry, '10). [10/10]
    • Nathan Grier (philosophy, '10) is currently the Metal Superintendent at Aleris Specification Alloys Inc. in Coldwater, Michigan. [10/11]
    • Shaun Guthrie (religion [minor]/sociology, '10). [10/10]
    • Ben Harvey (religion, '10) in the Fall of 2010 began the Master of Arts program at Bethany Theological Seminary. [10/10]
    • Mike Nicolazzo (philosophy/religion/peace studies [minor], '10) is serving with Brethren Volunteer Service in Coleraine, Northern Ireland, at Kilcranny House, a rural, residential peace and reconciliation center. [9/11]
    • Sheena Richard (religion/sociology, '10). [10/10]
    • Micah Sollenberger (philosophy, '10). [10/10]
  • 2009
    • Andrew Burton (religion [minor]/history, '09). [12/09]
    • Emma Eilts (philosophy [minor]/environmental studies, '09). [12/09]
    • Jessica Mertz (religion [minor]/athletic training, '09). [12/09]
    • Steve Schellenberg (philosophy, '09) entered Brethren Volunteer Service (BVS) directly after graduation, and in this capacity has been working with Brethren Disaster Ministries since October 2009. He is part of the BDM leadership team at the Katrina recovery project in Chalmette, Louisiana. [12/09]
  • 2008
    • Jennifer Stewart (religion [minor]/history, '08). [12/09]
  • 2007
    • Debbie Thompson (philosophy/peace studies, '07) worked (through Americorps) on an urban forestry project with a non-profit organization called Our City Forest in San Jose, California until August '08, and currently works for the Allen County Parks in Fort Wayne, Indiana. [10/11]
    • Josh Sollenberger (philosophy [minor]/political science, '07). [1/08]
    • Marilyn Reish (philosophy, '07) is on her way to begin a farm internship on the southern coast of Oregon (milking goats, etc.) having just completed a course on permaculture through Indiana University. She hopes to enter a masters program on Agro-Ecology in Madison a year from now. [1/09]
    • Adam Pyle (religion [minor]/math secondary education, '07) is teaching mathematics at Manchester Jr.-Sr. High School. [9/08]
    • Ashley Owen (religion [minor], '07). [1/08]
    • Chester Kelsey (philosophy, '07) ran for Congress in Indiana's 5th district during the 2008 election. See his website! [3/08]
    • Joe Hoover (religion [minor], '07). [1/08]
    • Adam Hoover (philosophy, '07). [1/08]
  • 2006
    • Levi Haupert (religion/chemistry, '06). [1/08]
    • Eric Strobel (religion/English, '06). [1/08]
    • Travis Poling (religion/English, '06) received his Master of Divinity at Bethany Theological Seminary (2010), and is currently teaching English composition at Ivy Tech and at Indiana University East in Richmond, Indiana. [12/12]
    • Logan Condon (religion [minor]/history, '06). [1/08]
  • 2005
    • Shane Ring (philosophy, '05) is finishing a masters degree in philosophy at Purdue University, and will soon begin work on a Ph.D. [12/06]
    • Christie Postuma (religion [minor], '05). [1/08]
    • Boris Nikolaev (philosophy/economics, '05) is in a doctoral program in economics at the University of South Florida. [12/06]
    • Matt Crosby (religion [minor]/non-profit management, '05). [1/08]
    • AnJanette Burchette (religion, '05). [1/08]
    • Alison Bever (religion, '05). [1/08]
  • 2004
    • Jennifer Wilson (religion/peace studies, '04) is working for the Indiana Reading Corps. [3/05]
    • Brett Vanlandingham (philosophy, '04) has entered law school at IU/Bloomington. [3/05]
    • Jeremy Van Deman (philosophy, '04) currently finds himself traveling between Romania and the United States with his beautiful wife, seeking to better know the heart of God. [4/12]
    • Monica Rice (religion, '04) entered the master's of library science program at Kent State [3/05], and in the Fall of 2008 began the Master of Arts program at Bethany Theological Seminary  She is currently serving as the administrative assistant for institutional advancement and coordinator of congregational relations at Bethany Seminary. [12/11]
    • Abby James (religion/philosophy, '04) received a certificate in museum studies (IUPUI) and then in May 2009 received a Master of Public Affairs program, concentrating in non-profit management. Abby has been working with Kiwanis International as the program specialist for their Key Leader program. [10/12]
    • Mitch Herniak (philosophy, '04) received his J.D. from the I.U. School of Law, and later worked for the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General Corps. [10/11]
    • Bart Bauer (philosophy/mathematics, '04) served at the Indiana State House as a Governor's Fellow during his first year after college, and since January of 2006 has been at CFS-Crowe Horwath in South Bend (IN), where he is the Director of executive recruiting. [7/10]
  • 2003
    • Jerry Pokorney (religion [minor]/bio-chemistry, '03). [1/08]
    • Cheryl Martin (religion, '03). [1/08]
    • Tasha Hornbacker (religion, '03). [1/08]
    • Erin Harlow (religion, '03). [1/08]
    • Jeff Fackler (religion [AA], '03). [1/08]
    • Doris Clark (religion, '03). [1/08]
  • 2002
    • Rebekah Yoder (religion/sociology, '02). [10/07]
    • Lora Speth (religion [AA], '02). [1/08]
    • Danny Klingler (philosophy/psychology, '02) has entered a PhD program in city planning at MIT. [3/05]
    • Tim Durnbaugh (philosophy, '02) moved to Germany after graduation where he attended the university at Hamburg. After completing a certificate of German as a second language, he returned to the US, entered a nursing program, and is now a board-certified nurse working in the cardiovascular step-down unit at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. [5/07]
    • Darrell Carr (religion [AA], '02). [1/08]
  • 2001
    • John Eshelman (religion/sociology, '01) is currently living in Philadelphia where he is studying rural sociology and agricultural economics at Penn State. John is also a program manager for the Fair Food Program of White Dog Community Enterprises, whose mission is to increase the supply of food that is grown locally, sustainably, naturally, and humanely. [7/08]
    • Josh Brockway (religion, '01) finished his MA in theology at Bethany Theological Seminary in 2004, and then began work on an MDiv. He transferred to Candler School of Theology (Emory) and finished his degree in May 2007. Josh is now in his second semester of the PhD program in Church History at Catholic University of America, and is also serving as an adjunct faculty at Bethany for the '08-'09 academic year. [2/08]
    • Adelle Frank (religion, '01) entered the Masters of Divinity program in the Candler School of Theology (Emory University), during which time she also worked as an intern with the Georgia Justice Project. She is currently a web development specialist for Emory University Libraries in Atlanta. [12/07]
  • 2000
    • Richard Yeager-Stiver (religion, '00) is serving as the pastor for the First Church of the Brethren in Marion, Ohio. [3/05]
    • Jaclyn Smith (religion [minor]/bio-chemistry, '00). [10/07]
    • Donnie Morgan (religion/philosophy (minor)/psychology, '00) is currently living in Indianapolis and until recently was working for Preventative Aftercare, a non-profit organization based in Grove City, PA. Donnie was with them for the past three years doing home-based case management, with the goal of keeping families together. [1/08]
    • Laura Rayer Kelsey (religion [minor], '00). [10/07]
    • Charity Hornish (religion [minor]/psychology, '00). [10/07]
    • Brian Hartzb (philosophy/communication studies, '00) is currently working as a copy editor and reporter for a newspaper in Bloomington, Indiana, and is an associate instructor at the IU School of Journalism at Bloomington. [3/05]
  • Previous Years
    • 1990s

      Betsy Wolf (religion, '99). [10/07]

      Jason Dehaven (philosophy/religion, '99) worked for a few years in financial planning, and is currently a grant coordinator for Habitat for Humanity in Americus, Georgia. [4/05]

      Hal Bond (philosophy/economics, '99). [10/07]

      Vince Baltazar (philosophy, '99) worked for several years with a labor union before finishing a master's degree in philosophy at the University of Wisconsin/Milwaukee, and is now in a PhD program in philosophy at Cornell University. [3/05]

      Mike Rankin (philosophy [minor]/bio-chemistry, '98). [10/07]

      Corey Ozark (philosophy/psychology, '98). [10/07]

      Cari Gilbert Martin (religion [minor]/psychology, '98). [10/07]

      Patricia Little (religion [minor], '98). [10/07]

      Larisa Hoke (religion [minor]/communication studies, '98). [10/07]

      Jason Jaronik (religion [minor]/bio-chemistry, '98). [10/07]

      J. P. Freeman (religion, '98) has continued his work in the pastoral ministry, developing an ever growing congregation here in North Manchester, Indiana. [4/05]

      Chris Forrest (philosophy, '98) graduated cum laude with a doctorate of law from Indiana University in Bloomington (2002). After practicing law with Barnes & Thornburg in Ft. Wayne, he founded his own practice — Forrest Legal LLC — specializing in domestic relations law. [1/10]

      Joshua Brewster (philosophy [minor]/political science, '98). [10/07]

      Jacquelyn Horst (religion, '98) Bendsen is an office coordinator of the Diversity & Race Relations Institute/Indianapolis Urban League. [3/05]

      Jewel Shetler McCrindle (philosophy, '97). [10/07]

      Sara Lamb (philosophy [minor], '97)

      Craig Gandy (religion, '97). [10/07]

      Susan Bull (religion [minor]/business, '97). [10/07]

      Chadwick Sunday (religion, '96). [10/07]

      Stephen Stose (philosophy/psychology/German, '96). [10/07]

      Angela Rogers (philosophy, '96) is currently in a four-year fellowship program with Harvard Medical School, specializing in pulmonary intensive care. She completed her residency at the Brigham and Boston Women's Hospital in June 2004, having graduated from Harvard Medical School in June 2001. Prior to Harvard, she was a Fulbright Fellow at Marburg University where she studied human biology. She reports that she loved medical school and residency and that she often uses her philosophy training from MU. [3/05]

      Stephanie Hough Kuskye (philosophy [minor]/HPE, '96). [10/07]

      Heather Grady (religion/philosophy, '96) received a master's degree in library science from the University of Illinois (Champaign/Urbana) and has since been working as a librarian in Fort Wayne, Indiana. [3/05]

      Anthony Masterson (philosophy [minor]/political science, '95). [10/07]

      Luke Lefever (philosophy, '95). [10/07]

      Barb Leininger Dickason (peace studies/philosophy, '95). [10/07]

      Lanz Brooks (religion, '95). [10/07]

      Stephanie Beery (philosophy/religion, '95) studied moral philosophy at the University of St. Andrews (Scotland) and theology at Bethany Theological Seminary after leaving Manchester, and then received an M.A. in theology and comparative thought at the Iliff School of Theology with an emphasis on Tibetan Buddhism. She taught English as a second language to Tibetan refugees while living for a year in Nepal, and is currently working at the University of Denver. [4/05]

      Jon Schrock (philosophy/religion, '94). [10/07]

      Israel (Izzy) Young (religion/philosophy, '94). [10/07]

      Michael Brown (philosophy/peace studies, '94) is finishing a PhD in philosophy at the University of Minnesota (bringing together the work of John Rawls and Mohandas Gandhi). He has also spent several semesters in a peace studies program at Castellon (Spain) at the Universitat Juame I. [4/05]

      Michael Main (philosophy/English, '93). [10/07]

      Allen Kahler (religion, '93) received his M.Div from Bethany Seminary and most recently has been serving as the District Executive Minister for the South-Central Indiana District of the Church of the Brethren. [10/07]

      Karin Brunk (religion, '93) of Marsalltown, Iowa, coordinates professional development for Head Start, Early Head Start, and Family Development staff for a five county area. [7/08]

      Christina Wright (philosophy, '92). [10/07]

      Alan Pefley (religion [minor]/environmental studies, '91). [10/07]

      Phil Weaver (religion [minor]/psychology, '91). [10/07]

      Michael Jordan (philosophy, '91). [10/07]

      Michael Rech (religion, '90). [10/07]

      Fred Lucas (philosophy, '90). [10/07]

      Wendy Duff Hunsucker (philosophy [minor]/psychology, '90). [10/07]

      Bruce Hostetler (religion, '90). [10/07]

      Jimmy Baker (religion, '90). [10/07]

    • 1980s

      H. Peter Steeves (philosophy/English, '89) received a PhD in philosophy at Indiana University/Bloomington, and has taught philosophy for a number of years at the University of California/Fresno and, most recently, at DePaul University in Chicago, where he is a full professor. Peter has published numerous articles and several books on a wide range of subjects, including phenomenology, animal consciousness, environmental ethics, and popular culture, and has spent one year in Venezuela on a Fulbright fellowship. [5/05]

      Dan Poole (religion and philosophy, '88). [10/07]

      Shelley Smeltzer (religion, '88). [10/07]

      Tim Peter (philosophy and religion, '87). [10/07]

      Michael Willoughby (religion, '86). [10/07]

      Terry Vaught (religion, '85). [10/07]

      Roya Stern (philosophy/sociology, '85). [10/07]

      Stephen Snyder (philosophy/computer science, '85) received his Ph.D in philosophy from St. Louis university in May 2006, writing a dissertation on Hegel, Nietzsche, Danto, and the end of art. He taught philosophy of art at Washington University and St. Louis University, and is currently an assistant professor at Fatih University in Istanbul. [11/08]

      Eric Rieman (philosophy/peace studies, '85). [10/07]

      Ron Foust (religion and philosophy, '85). [10/07]

      Chris Bowman (religion and philosophy, '84) served as Moderator of the Church of the Brethren (2004). [10/07]

      Steve Naragon (philosophy, '82) has been teaching philosophy at Manchester University since the fall of 1991, and has been maintaining these webpages since 2005 or so. [10/07]

    • 1970s

      Tim McElwee (religion/peace studies, '78) received an M.Div from Bethany Seminary, served as campus pastor at Manchester University, entered the doctoral program in political science at Purdue University, where he received the Ph.D, and is currently the Plowshares Associate Professor of Peace Studies and Political Science and Director of the Peace Studies Institute at Manchester University. [10/07]

      Steve Hammer (philosophy, '77) earned a law degree, and now works in banking. [10/07]

      Melanie May (religion/peace studies, '76) is Vice President for Academic Life, Dean of Faculty, and John Price Crozer Professor of Theology at the Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School. [10/07]

      Bob Klingler (philosophy/English, '76) is a corporate lawyer in Cincinnati. [10/07]

      G. John Ikenberry (philosophy/political science, '76) is the Albert G. Milbank Professor of Politics and International Affairs at Princeton University, in the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. After leaving Manchester, John received a PhD from the University of Chicago (1985), and has since held professorships at Georgetown University and the University of Pennsylvania. He is the author of numerous books and articles, including a widely-cited essay – "America's Imperial Ambition" – published in Foreign Affairs (Sept/Oct 2002). A biography is posted at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. [3/05]

      Nadine Pence Frantz (religion/peace studies, '76) is a professor of theological studies at Bethany Theological Seminary. [10/07]

      David Hollingshead (religion/peace studies, '74). [10/07]

      John Humphrey (philosophy, '71) taught philosophy at the Minnesota State University at Mankato, and then for many years at Xavier University in New Orleans, up until the flooding from Hurricane Katrina. [10/07]

    • 1960s

      Bob Knechel (religion and philosophy, '66) spent many years as the Vice President of Institutional Advancement at McPherson College. [10/07]

      Merlyn Kettering (religion and philosophy, '65). [10/07]

      Gene Roop (religion and philosophy, '64) retired as President of Bethany Theological Seminary in June 2007, an office he had held since 1992. [10/07]

      John Gingrich (religion and philosophy, '63) is an Emeritus Dean, and Professor of Religion and Philosophy at La Verne University, where he has taught since 1971. [10/07]

      J. Bentley Peters (religion and philosophy, '62). [10/07]

    • 1950s

      Robert Bowman (religion, '56) began a second career in February 1993 when he began teaching Bible classes, among other things, at Manchester University; he retired at the end of the 2010-2011 academic year. [10/11]

      Robert Wagoner (religion and philosophy, '52), Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at Juniata College. [10/07]

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