Vol. XV Number 3

November 2002

The people in the Peace Studies Office bring the Kenapocomoco Coalition Newsnotes to you monthly during the academic year.. The purpose is to inform students, faculty, staff, and other interested folks of scheduled events and activities within the department and pass along other information that appears relevant. The things written in the newsletter do not necessarily reflect the thoughts, opinions, and beliefs of everyone in the Peace Studies office or Kenapocomoco Coalition. If you have something you would like to add to the newsletter, please contact Andrew Duffy, the Peace Studies intern and editor of the Kenapocomoco Newsnotes. email: or call X5343. Thanks.

"Local communities shouldn't have to pay for security for the president so he can come to town to boost a congressional candidate.... I feel a war in Iraq [would be] a war for oil. He's [Bush] given no strong reason for it."

- MU Student Kara Haney explaining to a reporter from the South Bend Tribune why she was protesting a recent visit to South Bend by George W. Bush to stump for Congressional Candidate Chris Chocola. (Full Story)

This Month: 

November Calendar:

* November 17-23: National Hunger and Homelessness Week

4 Convo: (10 AM) "Poverty, Privilege and Change: Understanding Our Role" with Rachael Waas Smith
Kenapoc: (9 PM) What is the SOA?
Workshop: (3 PM) Holly Near "Signing for Our Lives: Politics, Power and Personal Revelation"  @ Winger Recital Hall
7 4:00 PM "Europe, Iraq, and George W. Bush's America" - Dr. James M. Skelly (Wampler Auditorium)
11 Convo: (10 AM) "Remembering World War II"
Kenapoc: (9 PM) CO: Conscientious Objectors & the Draft.
15-17 Trip to Columbus, Georgia for the annual SOA protest. (See Below)
18 Convo: (10 AM) "National Hunger and Homelessness Week"
Kenapoc: (9 PM) Fasting: Religious, personal, and political approaches.
5:00 p.m. Hunger Banquet, Upper Union - for those that signed up.
20 7:00 PM "September the 11th: Ask Who Did It, But For Heaven's Sake Don't Ask Why" - Robert Fisk @ Purdue University.  See Andrew Duffy to signup.
23 March for Palestine in Peoria, Illinois - See Brad Thomson for More Information
23-12/1 Thanksgiving Recess
Note: This Calendar will be updated throughout the month as new events and activities are announced.

Weekly Reminders:


Poverty, Privilege and Change: Understanding Our Role

What are the different aspects to consider in working for social change to reduce poverty in the world?  Rachael Waas Smith '03, who traveled to West Africa to work with an innovative development program called ECHOPPE, will explore different understandings of the world "poverty" and the relationships between faith, giving, consumerism, and culture, along with the relationship we have with people on the other side of the world.  November 4, 10 AM in Cordier Auditorium.


Remembering World War II

Sixty plus years have passed since the end of World War II.  World War II veterans, along with conscientious objectors who served in noncombatant roles, will share their experiences of the war years.  November 11, 10 AM in Cordier Auditorium.


National Hunger and Homelessness Week

There is enough food to feed every person in the world, yet every 40 seconds someone dies from hunger-related causes.  Even though the U.S. is one of the richest nations, three million US citizens live in cars, under bridges, in shelters, and on the streets.  This convo presents stories of individuals who have overcome homelessness and suggests how you can help someone who is hungry and homeless.  November 18, 10 AM in Cordier Auditorium.


"Europe, Iraq, and George W. Bush's America" - Dr. James M. Skelly

Dr. James M. Skelly, Senior Fellow of the Baker Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies, Juniata College, will discuss "Europe, Iraq, and George W. Bush's America" on Thursday, Nov. 7, at 4:00 p.m. in Wampler Auditorium. This presentation is cosponsored by the Office of International Studies and Academic Enrichment, the Department of History and Political Science, and the Department of Economics.

In addition to this presentation, Dr. Skelly is available to meet with students and faculty interested in discussing BCA's new Peace & Justice Studies Programs, as well as such topics as Northern Ireland or the transformation of the American military. Contact Dr. Leonard Williams (ext. 5335) to make arrangements.  


"September the 11th: Ask Who Did It, But For Heaven's Sake Don't Ask Why" - Robert Fisk 

Robert Fisk is Britainís most renowned international journalist, one of the few journalists to have met Osama bin Laden on several occasions at some of his various hideouts inside Afghanistan (most recently in 1997). Fisk is the Middle East correspondent for the London Independent ( and author of many books, including "Pity the Nation", the best written most accurate literature about Lebanon's civil war.

Free Admission in Purdue's Fowler Hall.  Sponsored by Purdue University Peace Studies and Department of Political Science, Purdue University Diversity Resource Office, Purdue University Department of Sociology and Anthropology, and Purdue University Convocations.  7:00 PM on November 20.  See Andrew Duffy to attend.


No War With Iraq

Events opposing a possible war in Iraq (and opposing war if one is started) are being planned and will be posted to this newsletter and the Kenapocomoco listserv as they are announced.

To learn more about the possible war with Iraq, please visit:


SOA Protest Plans

The annual trip to protest the US School of the Americas (Western Hemisphere Institute for Security) will be November 15-17.  Information about the trip and a sign-up sheet are available in the Peace Studies Office.  Please stop by and let us know if you plan on going.

The Monday, November 4, Kenapocomoco Coalition meeting will be about the School of the Americas.  Come learn about the school, its past, and the history of the protest.  The upcoming protest will also be discussed.


New Books in The Library

John Paul Lederach.  Building Peace: Sustainable Reconciliation in Divided Societies (1997)

Lee Griffith. The War on Terrorism and the Terror of God (2002)

Barry Willdorf. Bring the War Home! : A Novel About Resistance to the Vietnam War (2001)

Rachel MacNair. Perpetration-induced Traumatic Stress: The Psychological Consequences of Killing (Psychological Dimensions to War and Peace) (2002)

Judy Zimmerman Herr & Robert Herr, Editors. Transforming Violence: Linking Local and Global Peacemaking (1998)


News, Headlines, and Interesting Info

Harper's Index from Harpers Magazine (October 2002):

"Death and Destruction in Iraq" from War Times - October/November 2002
(Pick up a free copy in the Peace Office)
By: Gerald Lenoir

More than a decade of UN sanctions and U.S. efforts to destabilize the regime of Saddam Hussein has produced deprivation and suffering for the 23 million people of Iraq.  This humanitarian crisis has been well documented.


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