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  Volume 35   May 2008 


About Us

Nonviolent Social Change is the annual publication of the Manchester University Peace Studies Institute. Published since 1971 as the Bulletin of the Peace Studies Institute, the journal has traditionally been a themed annual print media publication.

In 2007 the journal was converted to an online format and assumed a focus on nonviolent social change (prompting the change of its name from the Bulletin to Nonviolent Social Change). This theme arises from the perceived need to increase knowledge and expand awareness of nonviolence. While nonviolence has proved to be an effective and popular means to wage conflict, it is consistently ignored by the media and disregarded by the larger society. Nonviolent Social Change, therefore, is dedicated to publishing accounts of nonviolent conflict, particularly those that have not been studied closely or given sufficient attention.

The expected audience of the journal includes scholars and practitioners interested in nonviolent social change. We hope the articles that appear in Nonviolent Social Change will be used by social movement activists as a tool to improve their effectiveness in their own nonviolent struggles and by scholars to discover and further explore instances of nonviolent change.

Nonviolent Social Change is an online journal. Copyrights remain with the authors.




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