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Peace Studies at Manchester University | Plowshares | Indianapolis Peace Institute | Journal of Religion, Conflict, and Peace
  Volume 38  




Peace Studies Senior Reflection

Zach Washington ‘11

For me Peace Studies was not something that I grew up know that I wanted to do. That is the thing that I am most indebted to Manchester University and the Peace Studies program for. I’ve told my story many times. I came in as a Communications major; before my first semester had even started I called my advisor, Katy Gray Brown, and asked if it was alright that I switched to Athletic Training. That lasted but a semester. Katy had talked me into taking Intro to Peace Studies course. The rest is history. I am glad things happened the way they did, I could not be happier with the path I have taken.

I played four years of football, so doing the outside activities of Peace Studies was hard to do because of time requirements for football. Finally during my senior year, the weekend of my senior banquet, I decided it was time to make the annual trip to SOA. It was a tough decision but I felt like it was something that was important for me to do. It was a wonderful experience that was eye opening and a bonding experience. It is one of my favorite memories from my years here at Manchester University. There are countless more memories that stick out; everything from the tray-less campaign (which was met by harsh critics) to the time that we did a campus march over the Arizona SB1070. Without a doubt though, my favorite part of my years here was the weekly Kenapoc meetings. There was always fresh popcorn, coffee and tea, and even sometimes there were delicious baked goods. Even though all these things were there, it was not what brought people there. It was the atmosphere, the people, the difficult topics that were discussed and talked by interested and informed students, professors, and guest speakers.

My plans after graduation are very exciting. Next year I am the Peace Studies Coordinator for Manchester University. I look forward to working with the program and staying around Manchester for a little longer. After that there are a few options on the table, I am looking into BVS and teaching English abroad. I really want to travel and work/volunteer while I am still young and not tied down.



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