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  Volume 39  


Dear friends of the Peace Studies Institute,

This edition of the Peace Studies Bulletin chronicles adventures of the 2011-2012 academic year, the last year of Manchester College and the end of our days on the second floor of the Administration Building.

Let us consider the milestones that are easier to celebrate: we marked the 64th year of the program and the graduation of the 141st peace studies major. From Richard Miller and Graydon Snyder (class of ’51) to Richard Babb, Rebecca Creath, Satomi Imai, Krista Reese and Joseph Stuart (class of 2012), here is how our numbers have grown:

Decade      Number of graduates
1950s                      9
1960s                    13
1970s                    26
1980s                    25
1990s                    22
2000s                    35

Year      Number of graduates
2010                        2
2011                        4
2012                        5

In the first decade of the program initiated by Dan West and established by Gladdys Muir, nine people completed degrees in peace studies; as many have graduated in the last two years alone. But peace studies at Manchester has always been bigger than the number of majors, andstronger because of the intersection of students from every discipline who actively participate in our community here. For many of us, it was the companionship, the power, and the possibilities we found in that community that drew us to peace studies at the start.

One of the settings of that community – almost a member in its own right – was the peace studies lounge in the Ad Building. Last spring, a group of us spent one last all-nighter, packing up our posters, pamphlets and files. This bulletin includes a section of pictures taken by Michael Brown (’94) of the lounge and Ken’s office. It is hard to leave this home. We are profoundly grateful that a new peace studies space awaits us in the Academic Center, thanks to the generosity of Betty Refior (’43). We look forward to carrying on the tradition of coffee, tea, and community-building. See you there.



Katy Gray Brown ('91) is Associate Professor of Philosophy and Peace Studies, and has directed the peace studies program since 2010.





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