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  Volume 40  


News from Peace Studies Alumni, Faculty and Friends



Joseph Stuart ('12): Since graduation, I have attempted to dive into the world of film and TV with the ultimate goal being a career in documentary film. Not only is it a medium that I enjoy working in, but I also think it will provide me with the opportunity to tell those stories that fail to make the front page. Documentary film pairs so naturally with the activist-oriented mind that I can't pass up the chance to document and potentially, in some fashion, aid in their struggle. Anyway, for the bulk of my first year away from Manchester, my foray into the industry felt painstakingly slow. A brief stint in what I would call the dark side of mass media quickly made me realize how much I missed Manchester. Then, some fortunate timing led me to my current internship with Frame:Runner, Inc., a post-production company that does a variety of film/TV work including many well known documentaries. In exchange for my work the internship comes with some valuable training and editing experience that has qualified me for another level of jobs. It is because of this that I can proudly say I will be starting in June with my favorite news organization; Democracy Now! I will shoot as well asedit short videos for their education department. It's embarrassing how excited I am to start. 


Julia Largent ('11): Just a quick update! I graduated May 4, 2013 from Ball StateUniversity with my Master ofArts degree in telecommunications. I will be continuing on to Bowling Green State University to pursue my PhD in Communication and Media Studies. My Master's thesis was about virtual pacifism within video games and how it can be used in peace education.


Zach Washington ('11): I just wrapped upa year of teaching English abroad in Thailand. A wonderful experience through the program CIEE, Thailand is constantly looking for native English speakers to teach. I will soon start work with an at-risk youth camp program in New Hampshire, the Mayhew Program. I am also recently engaged to Manchester graduate, Emma Weiler ('12).



Kelli Yaussy ('91): I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and am currently a School Social Worker for two K-5 elementary schools in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.  I live in Chicago with my husband, Howard McCullum.  He teaches fourth grade in Chicago Public Schools. 
















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