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  Volume 38   Fall 2011 



A Dedication to Ken Brown from Steve Naragon

A Letter from Viona Brown
The Kenneth and Viona Brown Peace Fund

Memorial Speeches

Michael Brown and Katy Gray Brown

Jo Young Switzer

Dave F. McFadden

Myron Chenault
Jinny Keller
Julie Garber
Ruthann Knechel Johansen
Robert C. Johansen
Kurt Borgmann


Senior Reflections

Erin Cartwright ('11)
Indianapolis, IN

Julia Largent ('11)
Muncie, IN

Katy McFadden ('11) minor
Goshen, IN

Zach Washington ('11)
Kokomo, IN

Peace Studies Coordinator Reflection

Samantha Carwile ('10)
Anderson, IN

Peace Studies Research and Articles

Student Zines
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"A for Anarchism: a Zine"
by Erin Cartwright

A project from Professor Katy Gray Brown's Philosophy of Civilization, "A for Anarchism: a Zine" is a magazine-styled short-story introduction to the political concept of anarchism. Themes include dismantling the misconceptions of anarchism, definitions of anarchism, anarchism in democracy, and profiles of anarchist founders and famous anarchist theorists.

"A Special Report on the Active Inclusive Movement"
by Kay Guyer

A project from Professor Katy Gray Brown's Literatureof Nonviolence course presents another zine on telling the story of the Active Inclusive Movement (AIM). AIM is a collaborative student initiative working to create a more welcoming and inclusive Manchester University. Combating stereotypes and dismantling GLBT bullying and harrassment is the main objective of AIM.

"The Busload of Knowledge"
Intentional Communities Tour Zine
by PEAC 320 Peace Issues January Term Class

During January-term, Professor Katy Gray Brown taught Peace Issues, which this year was entitled "Utopian Experiments, Intentional Living Communities, and Countercultural Movements." A group of 13 traveled all over the nation to study and dwell in intentional communities. The trip was full of adventure, learning, soul searching, and conscientious and compassionate community living. Above is a link to the ZINE (anarchist scrapbook...small scale publication) to showcase the journey.

The intentional communities visited were New Harmony in Southern Indiana, Shaker Village in Kentucky, Little Flower Catholic Worker Farm in Virginia, Twin Oaks in Virginia, Acorn in Virginia, Koinonia Farm in Georgia, Jubilee Partners in Georgia, and Idyll Dandy Acres (IDA) in Tennessee. The class also witnessed in D.C. at a "20 Years of War in Iraq" demonstration and teach in. While in Georgia the group also visited the Habitat for Humanity headquarters in Americus, Georgia as well as met President Jimmy Carter during his Sunday School and morning worship at his home congregation: Maranatha Baptist Church in Plains, Georgia.

Community Articles

"The Start of Peace Studies in 1948"
by Hannah Wysong

Butler University student Hannah Wysong's academic research and report on Manchester University's birth of Peace Studies. Wysong describes the atmosphere of Manchester in a post World War II era, shares correspondence between Gladdys Muir and President Vernon Schwalm to start the program, and explains the beginning implementations of the Peace Studies academic program.

by Cliff Kindy

With the intentions of joining a CPT delegation in January 2011, Cliff Kindy was denied entry into Israel/Palestine. Included is Kindy's experience and interesting dialogue between Kindy and Israeli security personnel.

From the Institute


SOA VIGIL TRIP by Zach Washington





Photo Album



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