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Manchester University Science Seminars Spring 2011
Mondays 4-4:50 p.m. in Flory Auditorium


Date Speaker / Topic

Feb. 7

Kathy Davis "Building a Molecular Toolbox"
Seminar video Video

Feb. 14

Nicagagua Medical Practicum report by MU students
Seminar video Video

Feb. 21

Erin Cole “Analysis of Cancer-associated PCNA Inhibitors through in vitro DNA Replication Assays” and Adey Ishola-Gblena " The Cloning and Characterization of Cat SAS1R"
Seminar video Video

Feb. 28

Matt Linn "Smallmouth Bass"
Seminar video Video

March 7

Kelsey Airgood “Redside dace: A Strategy for Population Research”
Seminar video Video

Ben Cloud “Northern Saw-whet Owl Fall Migration Patterns”
No video available

March 14 Kayla Webianskyj and Alec Womboldt “Middle Eel River Initiative”
Seminar video Video

Josh Worch “Analytical Rheology of Metallocene-catalyzed Polyethylenes”
No video available

March 21

Spring Break

March 28

Science Faculty, Special Science Courses in 2011-12
No video available

April 4

Aron Costello “Are Male House Mice Choosy or Will Any Mate Do?”
Seminar video Video

April 11

Reuben Goforth (Purdue) “Fish Assemblage Structures Related to Riparian Land Use in Central Costa Rica”
No video available

April 18

Wilson Lutz "Separating Right-handed Molecules from Left-handed Molecules"
Seminar video Video

April 25

Dan Becker (Loyola University) “Molecular Intimacy: Host-Guest Relationships of Drugs and Synthetic Receptors”
No video available

May 2

Georgi Chunev (Indiana University)  “Image Synthesis from Sparsely Captured Synoptic Data”
Seminar video Video

May 9

Jamie Kasuboski (Notre Dame) Cell biology

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