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Science Seminar Series

Environmental Studies Summer Projects

Middle Eel River Initiative Research 2012
Manchester University Environmental Studies Program and Biology Department students begin the fourth year of research on 30 miles of the Eel River as part of a 319 nonpoint source pollution grant from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.  Five research technicians were hired for the 2012 summer field season.  The students assist with water quality analysis of river water and biological sampling of fish and freshwater mussels. For more information regarding this project contact Jerry Sweeten, Director of Environmental Studies.

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Katie Gonzales Morgan Hill Water collectio

Redside dace (Clinostomus elongatus) in Mill Creek, Wabash County Indiana:
A strategy for research and augmentation

Aims of the Proposed Study
The aim of this proposed study is to conduct a scientific investigation regarding redside dace(Clinostomus elongatus)  in the Mill Creek watershed located in Wabash County, Indiana.  The specific objective is to document the distribution, abundance, and habitat of this species followed by preparing and implementing a formal reintroduction strategy.  While habitat degradation is an important consideration for the decline in redside dace throughout its range, basic population and distribution of redside dace in Mill Creek is not well understood. Baseline data are necessary to prepare scientifically-based recovery strategies that will result in stable diverse populations of this sensitive species.  These strategies have been organized into five categories:

  1. Biology/Habitat:  Quantify the distribution, abundance, habitat, prey selectivity, and spawning of redside dace in the Mill Creek watershed (Wabash County).
  2. Augmentation:  Identify local streams that have suitable habitat or restorable habitat for augmentation.
  3. Fish Culture:  Develop a protocol for culturing redside dace in the laboratory for reintroduction.
  4. Genetics: Collect tissue samples for genetic analysis to insure genetic diversity of reintroduced populations and to document genetic baseline information.
  5. Generate awareness of biological diversity in Indiana streams and the significance of rare organisms like redside dace to stream water quality and the overall quality of life to Indiana citizens.

This is the fourth year of this study.  Amber Melick and Ben Cloud are the research technicians for the 2012 season.  This year Amber and Ben will be completing the genetic analysis at the Pritzker Laboratory at the Chicago Field Museum, determine the age and growth structure of RSD from fin rays, estimate RSD populations in the two study streams, and complete the technical report for the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.  Ben and Amber are pictured sampling for RSD using a backpack electrofisher.  For more information regarding this project contact Jerry Sweeten, Director of Environmental Studies at Manchester University.

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Mill Creek Redside dace RSD95

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