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  Volume 38  


Opening words for Ken's gathering
by Michael Brown and Katy Gray Brown


We were just in Ken’s office in the Administration building—many of you will remember the precariously balanced collection that is his office. There’s a cabinet door where he posted pictures and clippings spanning nearly 50 years. There is only one quotation included there, among the photos. Knowing Ken, you might expect it to be about peace, justice, or the power of truth…and it is, indirectly. It’s about you. From Goethe:

The world is so empty if one thinks only of mountains, rivers and cities; but to know someone here and there who thinks and feels with us, and who, though distant, is close to us in spirit, this make the earth for us an inhabited garden.

Viona and Ken recognized in each other a kinship of spirit, and together they created something new.  Something remarkable. Something which extends the love, care and work of family to a much larger community and world.canoe.jpg

This is where you all come in. Indulge us:

Who here have traveled with Ken – Jan term or otherwise?  Would you please stand?

Who have spent time in Ken and Viona’s living room – coffee house, philosophy tea, or Kenapoc coalition meetings?

Stand, please, if you took a class with Ken at Manchester University.

Now stand if you were part of a discussionKen led in church or the community.

Thank you.

Thank you for coming to stand with us, today.  We have no words to share for what we have lost, only words for what we have been given.  We feel particularly blessed to have grown up in the companionship and care of the community our parents created. We were born into this movement, raised on this ride…nurtured in this love.  Every day.  

…to know someone who thinks and feels with us...who is close to us in spirit…

We are so grateful for the miracle that brings us here.  For this beautiful garden that Ken leaves us to tend.   May we do so with Ken’s dedication, his irrepressible joy, and, always, his great love.  



Christopher Brown, Katy Gray Brown, and Michael Brown are thankful for the love. Their partners are Karen Long, David Hupp, and Rachel Mordecai. Ken and Viona's grandchildren are Cora Brown, Zoey Mordecai, Samuel Hupp, Calvin Brown and Milo Hupp.

Thanks to Heidi Beck for the photo of Ken, revelling in victory, at a Camp Mack canoe race.

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