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Facing the Issues: Class, Status, and Power ("Ruth's Minions' Opinions")
Sociology Student Journal, Volume 1, Issue 1, May 2008

Dr. Chananie-Hill's SOC 345 Class, Status, and Power class (a.k.a., "Ruth's Minions")

The seven semester papers (below) were voted as most publishable based on double-blind peer evaluations submitted for SOC 345 Class, Status and Power, Spring 2008, at Manchester University.  As the instructor, it is my absolute pleasure to introduce you, the curious reader, to these fine examples of the insightful and articulate work done by members of this class regarding important and controversial sociological topics of our present day.  I wish to stress how proud I am of their work as a class, and that the seven papers presented here were chosen by the students themselves.  I am honored to have been their instructor for the semester.          

Dr. Ruth Chananie-Hill
Visiting Assistant Prof. of Sociology

Winning Manuscripts

"Gender Inequalities in Professional Sports"
by Jennifer Lane
"The Second Class of the Third Sex: Transgender Discrimination in the Workplace"
by Jordan Frye
"A Media Analysis: The Socially Constructed Perception of Capital Punishment in the United States"
by Laura Dell
"Recent Effects of Industrial and Service Labor Outsourcing in the U.S. as Presented by the Media"
by Natasha Wine Miller

"The Beginning of a New Age for America...Or Is It?"

by Yvonne Gicheru

"Industrial 'Accidents' in the Media"
by Sheena Richards
"Mind the Gap: The Effects of Excessive Immigration and Poor Governmental Policies on Social Class in London"
by Tedra Tague

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