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What will you find in the sociology major?

Side by side learning

Kelsey Swanson '06 spent a semester studying in Northern Ireland. She became so immersed in the culture and the lives of her host family that she wanted to go back. Manchester's study abroad coordinator, Thelma Rohrer, helped Kelsey work out the details and the finances to make that second trip possible. Kelsey went on to teach at Princeton Montessori School in New Jersey.

Most people go to Disney World for fun. Professor Pettit takes his sociology class there in January to study the culture. Tyler Corn '08 took in the sights and sounds as well, seeing it from the eyes of a physics and sociology major – and he got university credit for doing it.

Academics that matter

Professors at Manchester recognize that students do better academically when they study what they are most passionate about. Our professors teach because they love it, and they want their students to have that same appreciation for learning. Often, you'll hear your professor say, "If you have a passion to go somewhere that interests you, or you want to delve deeper into a specific topic, let's find a way to help you do that." And they do.

I found a difference...

"It all came together at Manchester. The size, the feeling of home, to way people were so friendly and outgoing. MU helped me find who I wanted to be, what I wanted to become, and the impact that I wanted to make. I felt so blessed to have so many wonderful professors who actually do care about my success. I found a place that helped me see that I could make a difference in the world." Jessica Hicks '07


  • Kelsie Ann (Thornburg '12) Sausaman is a Case Manager in the Youth Behavioral Health Dept. at Howard Community Regional Hospital in Kokomo, Indiana.
  • Nate Waas Shull '02 is Vice President for Partnerships at All Hands Raised, a nonprofit organization in Portland, OR.  His organization brings together local business, government, the faith community, parents, and students to promote the educational success of children.
  • Myra Martin-Adkins '06 worked at a residential center for boys in northern California,  She later earned her PhD in Counseling and Educational Development and is teaching at Virginia Tech.

If you have a passion to improve conditions and lives, and if you enjoy analyzing in order to understand more clearly, you'll find studying sociology a good fit. For more information or for a campus visit, call the Office of Admissions at 800-852-3648 or email admitinfo@manchester.edu.



For more information about Sociology, please contact:

Abigail A. Fuller, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Sociology
ACEN 216

  Manchester University | 604 E. College Ave. | North Manchester, Indiana 46962 | 800-852-3648 | admitinfo@manchester.edu