Field-based Experiences

The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education and state standards require structured field experiences at the initial and advanced levels. Most graduate program participants will be professional educators employed as classroom teachers or supervisors. Therefore, Manchester expects that field experiences will be grounded on the participants’ own classrooms, schools or school corporations.

Participants will also be asked to broaden their experiences through research projects, and teaching or observing in at least one other school outside of their own corporation. Manchester’s collaborators at Indiana Educational Service Center will help arrange “trade days” between school systems to avoid overburdening schools with extensive use of substitute teachers.

Participants without their own classroom will be assigned to field sites in the local area. Field experiences are of two types: course-linked field experiences (EDUC 581) and field experiences focused on a particular issue of importance within a specific classroom or school corporation (EDUC 506).







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