Human Rights: Discussion Days 2013
Discussion Day 2013

Human Rights
Feb. 27, 2013

The public is welcome at all Discussion Days programs.

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Discussion Day Schedule:
9:30-9:50 a.m., Floor program in residence halls
Doughnuts will be provided.
"Not Just a Game: Human Rights and American Sports"
David Zirin(VIA CREDIT) Keynote Speaker David Zirin
10-11 a.m., Cordier Auditorium

Dave Zirin writes and speaks about the politics of sports. UTNE Reader named him one of "50 Visionaries Who Are Changing Our World," and Press Action has twice named him Sportswriter of the Year. Zirin writes about sports for The Nation magazine, their first sports writer in 150 years of existence. His most recent book is Game Over: How Politics Has Turned the Sports World Upside Down.
Lunch Break, optional Hunger Banquet

11 a.m.-1 p.m., Union
At this interactive event, the place where you sit, and the meal that you eat, are determined by the luck of the draw—just as in real life some of us are born into relative prosperity and others into poverty.

Concurrent Sessions 1-2:15 p.m.
The Line and a Discussion of Poverty

John Deal & Sree Majmunder
ACEN 101

After viewing the film The Line, members of the audience and the facilitators will discuss the issues raised in the film. The Line is a documentary that looks at the lives of those in the United States who live near or below the poverty line. The film attempts to explore the challenges and diversity of circumstances facing individuals and families as they deal with poverty.

Making a Living While Making a Difference

Career Services
ACEN 149

Join us for a compelling panel discussion on careers in the Human Services. Our panelists will provide information on their path career and how they were able to find meaningful work. All those interested in learning how to make a living while making a difference are invited to join.

Does a Child Have the Right to be Hunger Free?

Becky Landes
ACEN 211

Join us for a discussion on the rights of children to be hunger free and the impact on us and our communities. Do we have hungry children in our communities and what is our responsibility toward them?

Right to Higher Education
Heather Schilling
ACEN 232

Participants will explore different scenarios of the access to higher education around the world.  This interactive model will ask students to participate in small groups investigating the path to education paying close attention to those in third world countries, America, and women.
When Hope Makes Us Live: Seeking Effective Human Rights Work in Haiti
PEAC 275
ACEN 234

Participate in an interactive work shop led by students who traveled to Haiti for the Peace Studies January session course. These students will reflect on witnessing challenges within Haiti and meeting people across the country seeking to enact change. Come ready to question assumptions about well-intentioned aid and consider effective approaches to meeting human needs.
Literature and Human Rights

Stacy Erickson, Beate Gilliar, Katharine Ings
ACEN 246

We will discuss Shakespeare and "Shakespeare Behind Bars," the connection between human rights and "old" texts, the 'power of poetics,' and the historical and ongoing limitations placed on the relationship between gender and authorship.

Human Trafficking in the U.S.
Susan Klein
ACEN 238

While most people are aware that human trafficking is a problem around the world, you may not realize that it happens in the U.S. as well. Runaway girls are pulled into the sex trade and forced to work against their will.  And if you believe that it only happens in New York or Los Angeles, you will be surprised to learn that it happens in Indiana.
Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in Israel and Palestine

REL 210 January Session
ACEN 241

This workshop will explore ways in which the practice of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam can influence the idea of human rights. (The workshop will include a report from students and faculty about their experiences during the January 2013 Session trip to Israel and Palestine).

Undocumented, a Reality
Hispanos Unidos
ACEN 354

This will be an interactive workshop that deals with the realities faced by undocumented immigrants.  You will learn about the stigma of being undocumented, as well as hear alternatives to the immigration system now in place in the US.
Anti-Semitism: It's not a History Lesson. It's a Current Event
John Planer, Lynne Margolies
ACEN 356

Join us for an exploration of the roots, stereotypes, and implications of hatred towards Jews.  Is Jay-Z right? (More about this in the workshop)
Shelter as a Human Right: Habitat for Humanity      
Brad Yoder, Steve Miller
ACEN 358

Having a safe, decent, secure, affordable place to live is a basic human need.   Many in the United States and around the Earth don’t experience that for part or all of their life.   Habitat is an ecumenical organization that provides an alternative way for low-income people to become secure homeowners.
Is Health Care a Human Right?  
Özlem Ersin, Lindy Hern, Cheri Krueckeberg, Andy Rich
ACEN 364

This workshop will explore whether or not health care is or should be a human right.  Definitions of health will be explored, and various views of health care as a right will be examined.  Some international comparisons will also be made – who has universal health care and how do they do it?
Title IX and Equal Opportunity
Ryan Hedstrom, Brad Nadborne, Lana Groombridge, Kendra Marlowe
ACEN 369

Join us for a presentation on what Title IX is, the sociology of the law, what experiences an athlete and coach had during the Title IX transition, and the current status of Title IX.
Concurrent Sessions 2:30-3:20 p.m.
Fishbowl Mediation
Elena Bohlander, Gabe Zimmerly 
ACEN 101

This workshop will feature a live demonstration of a mediation. There will be a brief message before and after the mediation describing the process and benefits of this type of conflict resolution. We will conclude with a talk back and question session.
Equal Treatment and Equal Access: Developing an Awareness of Disability Discrimination
Bonnie O'Connell, Laura Turner-Reed
ACEN 146

Participants will examine how past prejudicial attitudes and social exclusion of people with disabilities led to the rise of a nationwide movement for the recognition of equal rights, equal access and equal treatment of people with disabilities.
My Health or Ours: Which is more important?             
Özlem Ersin, Trent Towne
ACEN 149

Participants will have the opportunity to discuss various cases in recent history that have pitted “individual rights” against “public rights” in the area of healthcare.
Silent Epidemic: Rape
W. Kibler Hidalgo
ACEN 211

A workshop built around addressing and correcting the common notion of: why rape happens, who is raped, how to prevent and defend against it. We will address how men and women can both help to end this silent epidemic.
Milestones in Poverty
Heather Schilling
ACEN 232

Through video clips and scenarios participants will explore the implications for children in poverty and their access to quality education.
The Death Penalty - a Voice from the Trenches        
Gary Crim
ACEN 234
The presenter will discuss the death penalty and related criminal justice issues from his perspective in representing Ohio Death Row clients in state appeals and federal habeas-corpus litigation.

Engaging LGBT Students in the Classroom            
Tim Brauch
ACEN 246

An unintentional choice of biased words can offend an LGBT student, without you realizing what you have done.  Such impressions can turn even the liveliest student into a sullen student who no longer participates in class discussions.  This presentation will look at some of the situations in which LGBT students become uncomfortable and discuss the student-run Safe Zone Training initiative used by Manchester University to train people to become comfortable during such situations.  There will also be opportunities to sign up for the full Safe Zone training.
Human Rights and Militarism: Fighting for the Right to Heal for Iraqi Civilians and Iraq War Veterans               
Brad Thomson
ACEN 238

While the military occupation of Iraq has declined, the impact of the war and its violations of human rights continue.  This workshop will address how the Iraq War violated the human rights of both Iraqis and U.S. service members who participated in the war and occupation.  The focus will be on the lasting impacts of these violations and what organizations like Iraq Veterans Against the War and Civilian-Soldier Alliance are doing to attempt to heal these wounds.
January 2013 Medical Practicum
NASC 310
ACEN 241

Students from the January 2013 Medical Practicum will present about their trip to Río Coco, Nicaragua, emphasizing the human rights aspect of their medical and cultural experiences.
Human Rights Issues in Contemporary Art
Jena Oke
ACEN 351

This talk features the photography of several contemporary artists who address human rights issues in their art.
The Criminal Injustice System: Mass Incarceration in the United States
B.Yoder, A.Fuller, C.Krueckeberg
ACEN 356

The United States has by far the earth’s highest rate of incarceration of its citizens. Racial and ethnic minority populations are overrepresented in US prisons. A majority of U.S. prisoners have not committed a violent crime. This workshop focuses on how this came to be, and ways of addressing the current situation with more effective and less expensive community-based alternatives.
Religion, Human Rights, and Ideology
Justin Lasser
ACEN 358

This workshop will investigate ways in which religious and political ‘signifiers’ that are empty (i.e., traditional family values, God, freedom, etc.) are able to create functional fantasies that conceal the radical contingency of everyday life.
A Brief History of Lead (Pb)
Jeff Osborne
ACEN 362

The presentation will provide a history of lead in society, the heavy metal, focusing on the environmental justice problem of depositing lead in the environment when negative health effects of lead are known.
What we can learn about Human Rights from the Holocaust
Glenn Sharfman
ACEN 364

A conversation about how the Holocaust spearheaded the drive for an International Court of Justice, a Declaration of Human Rights, and the concept of Genocide. No prior knowledge is expected.
Academics in Action: Becoming A Force for Human Rights in Any Discipline
Kay Guyer
ACEN 369

Human rights abuses are everywhere. As an accountant, educator, scientist ... what can you do? Each of our disciplines holds a unique place in the struggle for human rights. Drawing from Martin Luther King's approach to nonviolent organizing, we will learn skills to be a force for change on campus and in our fields and communities beyond.
Human Rights Film Fesitval (VIA CREDIT) 7 p.m.
Bitter Seeds
Petersime Chapel
Bitter Seeds explores the controversy of biotechnology — from a village in India that uses genetically modified seeds, to U.S. government agencies that promote them.
Half the Sky   
Cordier Auditorium
The linked problems of sex trafficking and forced prostitution, gender-based violence and maternal mortality present to us the single most vital opportunity of our time: the opportunity to make a change.
Two Spirits   
Lahman Room - upper Union
Fred Martinez was one of the youngest hate-crime victims in modern history when he was brutally murdered at 16. Two Spirits explores the life and death of a boy who was also a girl, and the essentially spiritual nature of gender.
Which Way Home   
Wine Recital Hall
This film follows unaccompanied child migrants on their journey through Mexico as they try to reach the United States. These are stories of hope and courage, disappointment and sorrow. They are the children you never hear about; the invisible ones.
Lives Worth Living   
Union - Haist Commons
Lives Worth Living traces the development of consciousness of activists who realize that in order to change the world they need to work together. Through demonstrations and legislative battles, the disability rights movement secured equal civil rights for all people with disabilities.