ADAPT - Academic Development and Programming for Transition

New students admitted with conditions to Manchester University must participate in the ADAPT program. Using information from many sources, Individual Success Plans (or ISPs) are developed. Components of the ISP include the following:

For all ADAPT students:

  • A specially designed academic advising program
  • College Study Skills course¬†(IDIV 100) which includes:
    • College expectations
    • College study strategies
    • Self-assessments
    • Self-management
    • Educational/Career planning
  • Math course - determined by math faculty based on math placement test
    • MATH 100, MATH 101, MATH 103, or MATH 112
  • English course - determined by English faculty based on high school courses, grades and test scores
    • ENG 109 and 110
      • Three sections of ENG 109 in the fall combine into 2 sections of ENG 110 in spring

For some ADAPT students:

  • Required tutoring in other courses
  • Career services contacts & counseling in addition to College Study Skills course
  • Inclusion in Early Alert program
  • Referral for personal counseling
  • Ongoing communication between advisor and intercollegiate sports coaches


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