WebAdvisor Online Registration Instructions



Access to online registration is granted after students meet with their academic advisor to discuss course selection.  Online registration will be available during designated periods as advertised by the Office of the Registrar.


Follow these easy steps to register online on WebAdvisor:

1 Access WebAdvisor on Gateway.

2.     Click one time on “Express Registration” if you know all of your courses.

3.  Click one time on "Search for Sections" if you need to look up sections.

4.  Select the term using the drop down box. Select the subject, type in the course number. Enter one or more courses.  DO NOT ENTER ANY OTHER INFORMATION ON THIS SCREEN - AT MOST, ENTER THE SUBJECT, COURSE NUMBER AND SECTION LETTER. Click Submit. This will take you to Section Selection Results.


- You can enroll in only five courses at a time.  You can go back into this screen multiple times to complete your enrollment.

- You may enroll for summer, fall, January and spring classes – be sure to select the appropriate term.

- Courses may be entered in any order.

- Entering only the Subject will list all courses under that heading.

- You must enroll for lab sections also. Lab course numbers end in L (i.e. CHEM 106L, BIOL 108L, PSYC 110L)

- PE activity courses should be entered as:

            Subject: Physical Education

            Course Number: 101_  or 105_  (i.e. 105X is Bowling; 10120 is Floor Hockey)


                        5.  Click the box to the left of courses to select specific sections. Scroll down and under "If one of my choices is not available" select PART Complete only available.

                              Click Submit. This takes you to Register and Drop Sections.

                       6.   Select the appropriate Action for each course. You may choose only

                               Register or Remove from List. Click Submit. This will take you to

                               Registration Results.

                       7.  Click OK if you agree with the selections.


                      1.  At the Main Menu select Register and Drop Sections. (Courses

                           in the current semester cannot be dropped through WebAdvisor).

                      2.   Click on the box next to the course for which you wish to change

                            the enrollment.


1.   You will receive an email each time you click the submit button - recieving this email
DOES NOT guarantee you are enrolled in classes. If you do not recieve an email, then your registration was not submitted.

2.  Review your schedule at "My Class Schedule" under Student Academic Profile on WebAdvisor to make sure you are enrolled correctly in the courses you want.

3.  Bring your Registation Form to the Registrar's Office in room 134 of the Administration Building to confirm your registration.

4.   REMEMBER to LOGOFF when you are finished if you are using a campus comptuer.

Contact the Office of the Registrar at 260-982-5234 if you have questions.