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Off-campus courses are marked as OC on the Schedule of Classes. Contact the instructor for more details about individual travel courses.

ART 251 Art in Context C-4AR
Instructor: Thelma Rohrer
Location: Italy
This intensive travel course will include visits to Rome, Florence, Venice and additional cities throughout Italy. It provides the opportunity to see historical monuments from ancient to modern times and to experience famous examples of art and architecture first-hand.Highlights include the Colosseum, St. Peter’s and Vatican City, the Duomo, Uffizi Museum, San Marco’s Cathedral, and the Grand Canal. The immersion travel portion will be approx. two weeks, combined with 3-5 days of additional on-campus study. The travel program fee includes: international airfare, lodging, in-country transportation, some meals, and all required entrance fees to Italy’s most important museums. (Current program fee estimate is approx. $3500-3800.) All majors and all levels of students are welcome. First-year students are especially encouraged. Italian not required. Apply now for a passport. Fulfills Core-4AR or an elective in the Art major/minor.
More information: Contact Professor Rohrer

Instructor: Jerry Sweeten
Location: Florida and Andros Island Bahamas
This is a 15-day travel course that will include a broad range of ecological experiential learning opportunities in south Florida and Andros Island Bahamas.  The first week of the trip will be in Florida and include stops at Homosassa Springs, Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge and Everglades National Park. In Florida we will snorkel with manatees, wade through a cypress dome in the Everglades, and meet some interesting birds.  The second week of the course will be on Andros Island Bahamas.  This is the largest of Bahamian Islands and has the third longest barrier reef in the world.  Here we will snorkel over coral reefs and vast turtle grass estuarine communities, examine inland freshwater blue holes and meet a new culture of great people.  If you have never visited the ocean, or if you have a passion for visiting the ocean, then this is a course to consider. 
More information: Contact Professor Sweeten

Instructor: Rachel Polando
Location: Australia
Australia has been isolated from the rest of the world for over 200 million years and has developed unique biota, ecosystems and indigenous culture. Its settlement by people of European origin occurred relatively recently and in an unusual way. This course will focus on the development of a modern, industrial society in the context of Australia’s distinctive geography, environment and recent human history. Australia’s location, isolation and history make it an especially interesting place to examine effects of environment on the development and current challenges of both native and westernized cultures. The recent history and current culture of Australia are similar to the US in many ways, but the specifics of Australian society differ significantly. This combination of familiarity and cultural difference will allow students to both understand issues confronting modern society and to evaluate them objectively.
More information: Contact Professor Polando

Instructor: Ryan Hedstrom
Location: Ireland and England
Ireland & the U.K offer wonderful academic and experiential opportunities for students to visit and study the European model of sport. The origins of many of the world's most popular sports today lay in the codification of traditional British games. This class will take students inside the European model of club sports where they will receive firsthand experience at various facilities, clubs, universities and other sporting organizations and businesses. Specific sites and topics will be Gaelic sports, sports and social media, Wimbledon, sport and history/religion, Chelsea Football Club, London Olympic Venues, international sports marketing, and numerous tourist destinations! The group will travel in both countries learning about sports governance and the histories and cultures of both Ireland and England. Travel will be based out of two world-class cities, Dublin and London.
More information: Contact Professor Hedstrom

Instructor: Jeffrey Beer
Location: Ireland and England
From an academic perspective Ireland & the U.K offer fantastic opportunities for students to visit and study the European model of sports medicine. These specific regions have unique medical professionals, health care, and sports medicine teams to compare and contrast. Students will explore the country sides, history, and culture while staying close to the sports medicine focus. This class will take students inside the European Model of Health Care and Sports Medicine where they will receive firsthand experience and knowledge at various facilities, clubs, universities and other sporting events. Prior completion of ESS 251 and 253 is preferred.

Objectives for this course are: Understand the European model of sports medicine, Understand the organization and sports medicine structure of Gaelic sports, cricket, rugby, and football, understand the education and experience needed for a sports medicine team member, understand how history and social structures (religion, race, etc.) affect a sporting culture and increase understanding of how to travel effectively and efficiently.
More information: Contact Professor Beer

HIST 252 Comparative Civilization C-3GC
Instructor: Mark Angelos
Location: England, Wales, and Ireland
This course is designed to give students a fun and educational “hands-on” historical experience traveling in England, Wales, and Ireland. We will spend two weeks exploring and experiencing life in the British Isles, including three days in London and visits to Stonehenge, Bath, York, and Liverpool in England; a tour of a medieval castle in Wales; a ferry ride across the Irish Sea to Dublin, and finally a tour of Galway and the beautiful west coast of Ireland.
More information: Contact Professor Angelos

Instructor: Justin Lasser
Location: Turkey and Greece
More information: Contact Professor Lasser

NASC 310 Medical Practicum
Instructor: Jeff Osborne
Location: Nicaragua
Approximate Cost: $2200
The Medical Practicum provides an opportunity for students to experience health care in a less-developed country by living and working with physicians, dentists, pharmacists in order to run a clinic in rural Nicaragua. Three credits, P/NP only and open to any major.

More information:Click here for an application and more details or contact Professor Osborne.

PSYC 201 Social Psychology C-3RC
Instructor: Marcie Coulter-Kern
Location: Disney World
More information: Contact Professor Coulter-Kern

PSYC 352 Culture & Psychology C-3GC
Instructor: Rusty Coulter-Kern
Location: Disney World
More information: Contact Professor Coulter-Kern

Instructor: Justin Lasser
Location: Turkey and Greece
More information: Contact Professor Lasser


Many colleges across the country offer a January Session similar to Manchester’s. Students who would like to experience life on another campus may elect to attend another college during January Session. Colleges attended in previous January Sessions or who have invited Manchester University students to attend include:

Huntington University (Indiana)
McPherson College (Kansas)
Saint Olaf College (Minnesota)
University of La Verne (California)Back to top

Contact the Registrar for more information.

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