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Honor Roll of Contributors



January 1, 2013 through December 31, 2013
These donors have included Manchester in their estate plan or have established a deferred gift with Manchester University.


Joseph and Wilma Ablett
Parks and Paula Adams
Thomas and Rebecca Adams
John and Helen Allen
Dorothy Andersen
Charles and Wilma Anderson
Ruthann Angle
Ruth A. Anstine
David R. Armbruster
Betty Shumaker Armstrong
Donna G. Arnold
David and Susan Baker
A. Ferne Baldwin
Robert and Mary Evelyn Shull Barcus
Ernest and Cleona Barr
Elsie Hoffman Barrett
Jeffrey and Amy Baumann
Anna M. Belser
Keith and B. Jean Bergy
Gary and Leticia Berkey
Steven and Michele (Miller) Bever
Frederick Bigler
William and Helen Bilbrey
Marvin and Elaine Bittinger
Delbert and Louise Blickenstaff
George H. Bock
Mark Bock and Jane Bridges
Daniel Bolerjack and Mary Spencer
John and Jolene Bollinger
Richard and Anna Bollinger
Frances A. Bottom
Elmer J. Bowers
Martha Bowers
Nadine Bowman
Ruth E. Bowman
Max and Yvonne Brand
Susan R. Brennan
Regan and Gary Brock
Paul W. Browning
Martin and Connie Lee Brumbaugh
Edwin Bryan
Guy Buch
Tom and Jane Buch
Gordon and Darlene Bucher
Doreen S. Buck
Philip Burkholder and Susan Walters Burkholder
Dennis and Rosemary Butler
Kathleen Butler
Glendon and Wanda Button
Ed and Sandy Cable
Carl and Carolyn Caldwell
Vernon and Barbara Campbell
Shawn Carothers and Debra Merrifield-Carothers
Gerald R. Carpenter
Beverly Carton
Carl and Doris Cawood
Jesse and Helen Cheng
Lois T. Clark
John and Diane Coldren
Kenneth D. Cole
Bruce and Rebecca Copeland
Ronald R. Cousins
Shirley Cree
Virginia Crim
Beverly J. Crowell
Rowan Daggett
Barry and Arlene Deardorff
Alice R. Dentler
Wendell and Marcia Dilling
Max and Joyce Douglas
Helen E. Driver
Maurice and Edith Eash
Eloise L. Eberly
J. David Eberly
Sara Edgerton
Judith Egolf
Catherine Emans
Daniel L. Emrick
Mary W. Emrick
Carol E. Endsley
Betty L. Engen
Stanley and V. Joanne Escott
Joan A. Fahs
Dean and Julia Farringer
Carol Fasick
Doris Gene Alber Ferrari
Berneda L. Filbrun
Shea B. Finnegan
Douglas and Audrey Firebaugh
Helen F. Fisher
Martha Forney
Alice C. Frantz
Carlyle and Juanita Frederick
David L. Friermood
H. Anne Winger Garber
Warren and Helen Garner
Kenneth and Elizabeth Garver
Barbara Gay
David and Lynn Geiser
Myrna Flory Gemmer
G. Ruth Gibson
Arthur and Ellen Gilbert
Shirley A. Glade
Ruth E. Goshorn
David and Jane Grandstaff
Gertrude S. Graybill
Bette Jo Green
Gene Gressley and Mae Wygant
Samuel and Norma Gunnerson
Marcella Guthrie
Sandy and Dave Haist
Phyllis J. Hall
Harriet Hamer and Abe Bergen
John and Esther Hamer
Steven and Lila Hammer
M. Ben Haney
Mona L. Harley
William and Patricia Harper
Norman and Lois Harsh
Richard and Jane Harshbarger
Raymond and Claire Hartsough
Ronald and Joyce Harvey
Sara E. Heckman
Larry and Joyce Heisey
Esther Hess
Maxine Hipskind
Michael and Barbara Hodson
Paul and Joan Hoffman
Tim and Roberta Hoffman
Carl and Donna Holl
Otho and Ruth Holland
Edward and Jean Hollenberg
Bob and Helen Hollenberg
Randall and Patti Holler
Gerda W. Hoover
Thomas and Angela Hostetler
Keim and Sylvia Houser
Melba L. Howenstine
Arthur and Phyllis Hunn
James Hunt and Barbara Fellers Hunt
Thomas and Janice Hurst
Dorothy W. Johnson
Onita D. Johnson
Mary E. Jones
Mary Joseph
Myrtis J. Justiniano
Angela Kauffman
Harry and M. Jan Keffer
Curtis and Karen Keim
Alan and Lidiya Keiser
Nancy E. Kin
Norman and Sherrill Kiracofe
Robert Knechel and Gail Evans
Charles and Joan Koller
John and Laurale Kreps
Steven and Seiko Kreps
Douglas and Linda Kroll
June Krutza
Jeanette Lahman
John and Deborah Lahman
Larry and Brenda Landis
M. Patricia Lannen
Emogene Leasure
Joyce L. Leckrone
Juanita Leer
Veulah M. LeFevre
Leo and Betty Leffel
Larry and Diana Leffel
J. Elaine Leonhard
Joan LeValley
Cara M. LeValley Bergen
Virginia Lilyquist
Barbara Limbach
Carolyn Young Lindquist
Virginia W. Longenecker
Marvin and Sara Loutsenhizer
Lonnie Lutz
Ruth M. Lynch
Ercell V. Lynn
David and R. Jane Mann
Joseph B. Mann
Dorotha Fry Mason
Mary M. Mason
Gerald O. Mast
James and Renee Masterson
J. Conrad and Jo Ella Maugans
Greg and Susan Mauk
Mary M. Maurer
Ronald and Alberta McAdams
June W. McCarron
Sharon A. McDaniel
Barbara G. McFadden
David and Renee McFadden
Ralph G. McFadden
Wilbur D. McFadden
James and LouAnn McKimmy
Cynthia M. McQuinn
Karl and Bonnie Dee Merritt
Norman and Mary Metzger
Ruth L. Metzger
Don Micklewright
Donald B. Miller
Doris H. Miller
Edward and Martha Miller
Eldon L. Miller
Eleanor A. Miller
Gary and Iliana Miller
Gloria M. Miller
Keith and June Miller
Edgar and Mary Esther Mills
Mary Montel
Bradley and Tami Montgomery
Leo and Virginia Morris
Linda L. Murbach
Margaret Murray
Jon Nauman
John and Linda Neff
Jeanne Nelson
Hubert and Alice Newcomer
Evelyn Niswander
Stanley and Debra Noffsinger
Wilfred and Joyce Nolen
Louise Nolt
Shirley R. Norris
Henry and Ruth Oberholtzer
Philip and Mary Orpurt
John and Anne Ott
N. Jean Oxender
Gene Palsgrove
Donald and Joyce Parker
N. Ivan and Clara Patterson
Jerry and Connie Payne
Carroll and Margaret Petry
L. Jeannine Petry
Ronald and Beverly Petry
Isobel L. Pfeiffer
Charles and Thannis Phillips
Alice Carol Pierce
Howard and Margaret Pletcher
C. Richard and Adele Pogue
F. Willard and Marjorie Powers
Thomas and Janet Ravencroft
Samuel Read
Carolyn Reahard
Brent and Kathy Reed
Betty P. Refior
Mary J. Rehling
Jean F. Renschler
Doris Rhoades
Janet L. Rhoades
David and Kristin Richmond
Tom Riethof
Richard and Carolyn Ringeisen
Richard and Kathryn Robins
Sidney Robinson
William and Bonnie Robinson
David and Shirley Rogers
Alice Rohrer
Norman and Melinda Rohrer
Eugene and Delora Roop
Lois Roop
Betty J. Rose
Eleanor Rowe
D. Moyne Royer
Annabel J. Rupel
Esther F. Rupel
Robert and Joan Sanbloom
Pauline B. Schafer
Joseph and Ferne Schechter
Dorotha D. Sellers
Catherine Seymoure
Mark and Elaine Shafer
Veral Sharp
W. Everett Shattuck
Barbra R. Sheets
William and Diane Sherbahn
Anita Weaver Sherman
Mark C. Sherman
Marvin and Lois Sherman
Glen Shively
Norma J. Shively
Gordon and Betty Shull
Orlan and Janet Siebenthal
Elizabeth Skaggs
E. Stanley Smith
Lee Smith
Ronald and Linda Smith
Mary A. Welch and Thomas E. Smith
Ruth H. Smouse
Conrad Snavely and Bertha Custer
Marvin and Marie Snell
Dana and Nelda Snider
Helene Snider
Wilbur J. Snyder
Virginia Spencer
Matthew and Janel Sprunger
Ruth St. John
Michelle L. Starr
Harold B. Statler
Duane and Jeannine Steiner
Ken and Deb Steiner
Clyde and Helen Stevens
Vernon and Angela Stinebaugh
Doris E. Sutton
Vera L. Swantner
Jo Young Switzer and Dave Switzer
Katherine L. Tanner
Helen J. Taylor
Rolf and Norma Theen
Kathleen Thompson
Roma Jo and R. Jan Thompson
John and Veva Tomlonson
Howard H. Torrence
John E. Trent
Jean Ann Tribolet
Jean-Louis Trochu and Cynthia Hoff Trochu
Douglas and Joan Koch Trusner
Robert C. Tully
Mary Kathryn Uhrig
Edna Ulmer
Kathryn Ulrey
Gene Valentine
Becky and David Waas
Donald and Carol Warner
Larry and Carol Weise
Dorothy Weldy
Winfred and Louise Weldy
Timothy and Linda Weybright
Eric and Sylvia Wharton
Jo Ann Whitehead
Betty Wieland
Marjorie Wieland
Annetta Wildermuth
Dorotha Neher Brandon Williams
E. Louise Williams
Charles and Bonnie Winger
N. Jean Wolf
Jim and Louise Wolgemuth
Gene and Mary Jo Wort
Phil and Marcia Wright
Omer Yoder
Richard and Marilyn Yoder
Richard and Carol Yoder
John and Phoebe Young
Anonymous (16)