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Honor Roll of Contributors



Donors who have contributed $1,000-$4,999 to Manchester from January 1, 2013 through

December 31, 2013. 
* Consecutive giving during each of the last five calendar years         


Mr. and Mrs. Carl L. Adams
*Dr. Thomas W. and Dr. Rebecca Adams
*Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Alford
*Mrs. Laura L. Allebach
*Mr. and Mrs. Timothy W. Almack
Mr. and Mrs. Ervin L. Anderson
*Mr. and Mrs. Lowell S. Anstine
Mr. and Mrs. Bradford S. Aquino
*Ms. Lou Ann Archbold
Mr. David R. Armbruster
*Mark and Elizabeth Baer
*Dr. A. Ferne Baldwin
Mrs. Kathleen L. Bame
*Mrs. Wilhelm Bartenbach
*Dr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Beahm
*Mr. Randall L. Beckner
*Dr. and Mrs. Dewayne A. Beery
*Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Biggs
Polly BigJohny
Dr. Frederick W. Bigler
*Mr. and Mrs. Lynn H. Blocher
*Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Bollinger
Joseph K. Bonnarens
*Mrs. Evelyn Bowman
*Mr. R. Curt Bragg and Dr. Kimberly Owens
*Dr. and Mrs. Max D. Brand
*Ms. Faith Brightbill
*Dr. and Mrs. Wilfred G. Brill
*Mr. and Mrs. W. David Bryant
*Rev. and Mrs. Gordon W. Bucher
*Mr. Ronald W. Buchmeier
*Dr. and Mrs. John A. Burkholder
Mrs. Patricia A. Burton
*Dr. Fred Busse and Dr. Linda K. Stanley
*Mr. Andrew K. and Ms. Betty J. Butterbaugh
*Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Butterworth
Christopher and Bettie Caldwell
*Mrs. B. Kathleen Carlisle
*Mr. Shawn Carothers and Dr. Debra Merrifield-Carothers
Whitney J. Caudill
*Rev. and Mrs. James H. Chinworth
Dr. Denise M. Clark
Mr. Terry J. Clark
*John and Diane Coldren
Mr. James H. Colon
Mrs. Shirley L. Cree
*Mrs. Virginia Crim
*Dr. Rowan Daggett
Rone J. Davis
*Mr. and Mrs. James A. Dawson
*Dr. Allen C. and Rev. Joan Deeter
*Kurt and Jennifer Denlinger
*Dr. Roger Dilling and Dr. Emily Michaud
*Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Ditto
*Mrs. Miriam Doetsch
*Mr. David W. Doudt and Ms. Kim E. Ebersole
*Mr. and Mrs. Max W. Douglas
Megan Drinkwater
Dr. and Mrs. Cloyd L. Dye
Dr. Jeffrey Easley
*Dr. E. Michael and Dr. Victoria L. Eastman
*Dr. Joe C. Ebbinghouse
Mrs. Eloise L. Eberly
Ms. Lorelle Eberly and Mr. Jacob Eberly
*Dr. and Mrs. C. Lowell Edwards
*Mr. Joel E. Eichenauer and Dr. Lori J. Zimmerman
Mrs. Elizabeth Eller
*Diane K. Evans
*Mrs. Joan A. Fahs
*Evelyn and Jim Falkiner
*Mrs. Carol Fasick
*Mr. and Mrs. Bari K. Faudree
*Mr. and Mrs. Aaron L. Fetrow
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Fike
Mr. and Mrs. Loren Finnell
*Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Finney
*Mr. and Mrs. Douglas B. Firebaugh
*Mr. Kenneth S. Frantz
*Christopher W. Friend
*Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Fryer
*Dr. and Mrs. Troy E. Fuller
*Dr. and Mrs. James R. Gaier
*Mr. and Mrs. Christopher W. Garber
*Greg and Paula Garner
*Dr. and Mrs. Warren K. Garner
*Mr. and Mrs. David F. Geiser
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Gerardot
*Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Gilbert
Mr. Roy J. Gilmer
*Mr. and Mrs. John W. Gilmore
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney L. Givens
*Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. Gochenaur
*Marcella Guthrie
*Mrs. Phyllis J. Hall
Mr. Craig and Mrs. Rebecca Haltom
*Dr. Harriet A. Hamer and Mr. Abram Bergen
*Dr. and Mrs. John L. Hamer
Derek and Sarah Hammond
*Mr. and Mrs. Fuad M. Hammoudeh
*Robert and Elizabeth Harkness
*Dr. Brian D. Harley and Rev. Deanna G. Brown
Mrs. Mona L. Harley
Rob and Melanie Harmon
*Mr. and Mrs. William N. Harper
*Mr. Richard K. Harris
*Dr. and Mrs. Richard B. Harshbarger
*Dr. and Mrs. John K. Hartsough
*Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Harvey
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Haupert
*Mr. and Mrs. Ray E. Hedstrom
*Dr. Ryan Hedstrom and Dr. Elizabeth Struble
*Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Heiden
Dr. Mark Heiny and Dr. Hiroko Heiny
*Mr. Gary L. Heisler and Ms. Coreen L. Spencer
*Dr. Dwight C. Henn and Mrs. Diane Henn
*Dr. and Mrs. Frederic A. Henney
*Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Herrington
*Mr. and Mrs. Warren R. Hickman
*Kevin and Rita Hochstedler
*Tim and Roberta Hoffman
*Adam R. Hohman
*Mr. and Mrs. Bruce V. Holderead
Dr. and Mrs. Carl W. Holl, Jr.
*Dr. and Mrs. John W. Holl
*Dennis and Carol Garver Horn
*Dr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Hughes
*Mr. C. Scott Hullinger and Ms. Julie Bischoff
*Mr. Larry R. Huneryager
*Dr. and Mrs. Mark W. Huntington
*Mr. and Mrs. Kyle J. Hupfer
*Dr. and Mrs. Donald W. Imhoff
Dr. Kenneth H. Inoue
Robert S. Jasper
Mrs. Susan Jasper
*Robert and Ruthann Johansen
*Phil and Susan Joseph
*Ms. Patricia Kauffman
*Phil and Betsy Keiser
Robert and Dorothy Keller
*Mr. and Mrs. James M. King
*Ms. Mavern S. King
*Mr. and Mrs. Tilson L. King
*Dr. and Mrs. Norman M. Kiracofe
Brian Kirkwood
*Pastor Joel D. Kline
*Dr. Stephen J. Knaus
*Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Koch
David Krabach
*Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Kroll
*Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Krouse
Richard M. Kuns
*David and Mary Lahman
*Mr. John and Ms. Deborah Lahman
*Michael S. (1982) and Karen Thompson (1984) Lamb
*Mr. Larry and Dr. Brenda Landis
*Mrs. Elizabeth M. Lane Trust
*Mr. and Mrs. Pedro F. Larco
*Mr. and Mrs. James S. Laudick
*Ms. Ann M. Lawver
*Mr. and Mrs. John E. Leer
*Mrs. Veulah M. LeFevre
*Ms. Waiva Lehman
*Lt. Col. Robert L. Leininger
*Mr. and Mrs. David L. Leising
*Ms. Karen S. Leitzell Hiles
*Mrs. Cara M. LeValley Bergen
Mrs. Joan C. LeValley
*Dr. and Mrs. Gene E. Likens
*Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Likens
*Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Logan
Jill Long and Dan Thompson
*Dr. and Mrs. John E. Mack
*Galen and Wanda Mangus
Dr. Lora M. Mangus
Ms. Joyce E. Mann
Mr. and Mrs. Rick D. Mann
*Dr. and Mrs. Parker G. Marden
*Gary and Charleen Martin
*Christian and Michelle Maslowski
*Mr. and Mrs. J. Conrad Maugans
*Mr. and Mrs. John McConnell
*Dr. Timothy A. McElwee and Ms. Linda K. Hansen
*Mr. and Mrs. George F. Merryman
*Dr. David W. and Dr. Kathleen J. Miller
Dr. Donald B. Miller
*Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Miller
*Dr. and Mrs. Jerry A. Miller
*Mr. Leland V. Miller
Levi J. Miller
*Dr. and Mrs. Wayne L. Miller
*Edgar F. and Mary Esther Mills
*Mr. and Mrs. Stanley L. Mills
*Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard Myers
Amanda L. Myers-Walls
*Dr. Steve Naragon and Dr. Pam Higgins
Mrs. Eldora Neher
*Mr. and Mrs. Ted J. Noffsinger
*Mr. and Mrs. John R. Norris
*Lisa and John Nussbaum
*Mr. Paul E. Nye
*Mr. Timothy and Ms. Patricia Ogden
Joan Ordman M.D.
*Dr. and Mrs. Philip A. Orpurt
*Mary and Ned Parrett
William and Kelli Patch
*Mr. J. Bentley Peters
*Mr. Kenneth P. Petroff
*Mr. John Johanning and Ms. Sherry L. Petry
*Dr. Howard Petty
Dr. Robert and Dr. Isobel Pfeiffer
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene B. Pflughaupt
*Mr. and Mrs. H. Lamar Pippenger
*Dr. John Planer and Dr. Janina Traxler
*Mr. and Mrs. Howard R. Pletcher
*Dr. William Pletcher and Mrs. Rosemary Rouch Pletcher
Mrs. Betty L. Plunkett
Mr. and Mrs. C. Richard Pogue
*Mr. and Mrs. Keith D. Pontius
Mr. and Mrs. James N. Pyle
*Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Ransberger
*Mrs. Diana M. Reed
*Mr. and Mrs. John H. Reinoehl
Mrs. Lois R. Renz
*Dr. James Riley and Dr. Beth Sweitzer-Riley
*Dr. Jobie E. Riley
*Dr. and Mrs. Richard D. Ringeisen
*Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Robertson
*Dr. and Mrs. Richard D. Robins
*Kenneth and Suzanne Stormont Roeh
*Mr. and Mrs. David L. Rogers
*Dr. Carl L. and Dr. Dorinda Rouch
*Mr. and Mrs. Howard E. Royer
*Ms. Sara A. Rundell
*Dr. Esther F. Rupel
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sanbloom
Alan and Joellen Sands
*Aaron and Isabel Santner
*Mr. Robert J. Scheer
*Mr. Brian and Dr. Heather A. Schilling
Steven and Heather Schimmele
Mr. and Mrs. Duane R. Schlabach
*Dr. Elizabeth Kintner Schmidt and Dr. Rodney Schmidt
*Paul Senger Trust
Catherine Seymoure
*Glenn R. and Susan R. Sharfman
Mr. Howard Sharfman
*Mrs. Martha Shaw
*Anita W. Sherman
Mr. and Mrs. Tshering W. Sherpa M.D.
*Gordon L. and Betty Shull
Mrs. Wylan Shultz
*Mr. and Mrs. Orlan L. Siebenthal
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Heidi Slavkin
*Mr. Noah T. Smith
*Mr. and Mrs. Reagan Smith
*Conrad Snavely and Bertha Custer
*Dana and Nelda Snider
*Ms. Marcia K. Sowles
*Mr. and Mrs. Maurice E. Spencer
*Mr. Craig Stine and Dr. Jeannette L. Wilcox
*Dr. Arman D. Stover
*Mr. and Mrs. Phillip E. Stump
*Mr. and Mrs. Ray C. Swihart
*Ms. Helen J. Taylor
*Mr. Robert C. Tully
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Varga
Shelly Vautaw
*Dr. and Mrs. David A. Waas
*Mrs. Donald Warner
*Mr. and Mrs. Douglas K. Warrick
Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Webb
*Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Weimer
*Mr. and Mrs. Larry G. Weise
*Mrs. Dorothy Weldy
*Dr. William and Dr. Susan Weybright
Ms. Rhonda Whitten
Amanda N. Williams
*Dr. and Mrs. Leonard A. Williams
*Mr. and Mrs. Gordon N. Wilson
Ms. Jeanine M. Wine
*Mrs. Julie Yeater
*Daryl R. Yost
Mr. and Mrs. M. Dwayne Yost
*John and Phoebe Young
*Mr. Lawrence E. Young
*Mr. and Mrs. William B. Young Esq.
*Kent and Julianne Zimmerman
Dr. and Mrs. Wayne B. Zook
Anonymous (5)