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The Benefits of a New Administration Building
  • A new building will be much more energy efficient, saving money
    and helping the environment. Modern plumbing will save water,
    too. Reducing maintenance and energy expenses enables the
    University to support students in more personal and direct ways.

  • Administration and support services located in the new building can
    operate more efficiently. Wireless internet will expand opportunities
    for increased productivity. Offices will be reconfigured to more
    appropriate sizes and locations, making collaboration easier.
    Administrators and staff can have meetings in the building where
    they work.

  • The registrar’s office will have more space for students who need
    help or counseling regarding their schedules.

  • The University will be able to better interact with Manchester alumni and friends and respond to their needs.

  • The historic heart of campus will be more beautiful than ever because a smaller Administration Building will add green space for reflection and relaxation.

  • The new building will be barrier-free and fully accessible to all people. Classrooms now accessible only by climbing several flights of stairs will be relocated to the renovated Academic Center, which also will be accessible.

  • Recruitment will be enhanced. As a hub of the campus, the new Administration Building will make a more positive first impression about Manchester University to prospective students.

It’s true that “they don’t build them like they used to.” In the case of the University Administration Building, that’s a good thing.

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