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From the President
So many Manchester stories to share; what are yours?

Jo Young Switzer

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MANCHESTER UNIVERSITY combines deep roots with strong wings. This Manchester magazine reflects both.

At the center of Manchester is our focus on student learning. Because students learn in different ways, Manchester’s professors, coaches and others teach students in different ways. Accountants across the Midwest remember Art Gilbert’s firm no-nonsense teaching. Thousands remember Paul Keller’s class in Language and Thought. Many graduates remember John Planer’s intense teaching about the fine and performing arts. Their students learned.

Student-athletes learn from coaches. From coaches
like Claude Wolfe, Lana Groombridge, Steve
Alford and Martha Judge, student-athletes have
learned about respect, competition, self-discipline,
teamwork and time management. Baseball umpires who worked Manchester games when Jim Gratz was coaching always said, “If Coach Gratz came out to complain about a call, we knew we’d better listen because he didn’t complain without a good reason.”

Experiences also teach. Students who wade into the Eel River to tag fish
discover environmental challenges at their fingertips. Students who work side-by-side with physicians and dentists on the January session medical practicum learn about more than diabetes and infected teeth. Of course, learning happens in our classrooms. Whether the class is organic chemistry, neuroscience, or persuasion and whether the professor is old, young, technologically adept, dignified, loud or analytical, students learn. Their GRE scores and placement rates confirm it.

We hope you enjoy this issue and tell some of your “what I learned at
Manchester” stories to your friends and relatives and neighbors. This is
a school where learning happens around the clock and throughout the
year. We invite you to tell that story widely.


So many Manchester stories to share; what
are yours?

from the president

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