Giving Societies

Our students deeply appreciate the generosity and support of our donors. To honor and recognize the leadership gifts of our donors Manchester University has established the following giving societies:

Chime Society Annual gifts of $500 to $1,499
President's Society $1,500+ annually* (as of 1/1/2014)
Tower Society Cumulative lifetime giving of $50,000+
Otho Winger Society Any will, estate, or planned gift

We are grateful for all of our donors and thank you for your continuing support of Manchester University students. All donors are acknowledged in our online Honor Roll of Donors.

* MU’s President’s Society was first established in 1982 to honor those who pledged at least $2,000 a year over five years. By 1996, this donor society was expanded to include all who gave at least $1,000 annually. This annual giving level had not been adjusted in 17 years. In today’s dollars, it would require a gift of $1,490 to equal the value of a $1,000 gift in 1996.

As you know from your personal budgeting, prices increase every year. The purchasing power of $1,000 today isn’t nearly what it was in 1982, or even in 1996. Due to pressing economic pressures, in January of 2014 we adjusted the level at which we recognize President’s Society donors. Today, donors who provide annual gifts of $1,500 are recognized as members of the President’s Society.

If you currently provide annual gifts of $1,000, we hope you will seriously consider increasing your support to $1,500 a year. That amounts to just $125 a month, but it generates tremendous support for Manchester MU students. If your annual gift already exceeds this minimum amount, thank you very much! You will continue to be recognized as a member of the President’s Society.


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