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Putting students first means ensuring their safety and comfort and providing the fundamental elements to support their education, including tuition assistance. This is the purpose of The Manchester Fund. From the maintenance of our buildings and grounds to library and laboratory materials to utilities and equipment, we,
and our students, rely on The Manchester Fund to
meet many essential costs.



I am here not only for
the strong academics,
but also because my
needs are understood
and supported.

– Anna Graham ’12

A professor flips on a classroom light switch. She looks outside to see a groundskeeper vacuuming golden oak leaves from the grass near the fountain. In the Jo Young Switzer Center (the union), a student sips freshly brewed coffee as she cracks open a new library book. And somewhere in Schwalm, the first person in his family to attend college sends an e-mail to his mom and dad before they leave for work.

It’s a new day at Manchester University. And it wouldn’t happen without The Manchester Fund.

Gifts to The Manchester Fund provide the financial lifeblood of daily operations at the University. They power lights when it’s dark, heat when it’s cold, and everything from the coffee makers in the cafeteria kitchen to student, faculty and staff computers. The Manchester Fund fuels lawn mowers and leaf vacuums, buys library books and laboratory equipment, and pays for unforeseen repairs to academic buildings, residence halls and athletic facilities.

Even more importantly, The Manchester Fund makes up part of the difference between the cost of college and what students can afford to pay. A college education would be out of reach for many students without the financial aid that The Manchester Fund provides. It helps real people. Right now. THE BENEFITS >

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