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The Benefits of The Manchester Fund

  • Financial aid allows deserving students to stay at Manchester and graduate.

  • University staff can keep buildings clean and safe, and keep our beautiful campus grounds inviting to students and visitors. And the University can make unforeseen repairs such as a new water heater for a residence hall or a much-needed update to the telephone system.

  • The University can meet its most pressing needs not covered by any other source.

  • Because the University’s endowment is modest, the fund serves as a financial shock absorber when prices escalate, something breaks or something else needs to be replaced.

  • A financial safety net enables the University to pay utility bills that can fluctuate unpredictably.

  • Classroom technology upgrades improve student learning and expand opportunities for students and faculty to perform side-by-side research.

  • Equipment and supplies for laboratories encourage students to explore new horizons of scientific discovery.

  • Library books, periodical subscriptions and online resources empower students with knowledge and enable them to write and research.

  • Student activities such as May Day weekend and Homecoming create memories and add texture to the Manchester experience.

The Manchester Fund is our fund – the place where the smallest gifts can make the biggest impact. It is power. It sheds light. It opens doors. A gift to The Manchester Fund is your way of saying that this good University should transform lives for a new day.