Your SpartanPrint account

Each student is provided $20.00 each semester for printing. This will make available 400 pages 200 sheets of black laser prints per semester at any SpartanPrint printer at no charge. Color laser printers are also available to students at a higher cost per page.

Adding Additional Cash for Printing (your cash account)
Students who use up their printing allotment, can add cash to their SpartanPrint account two ways:

1. At the re-value station outside Funderburg Library computer lab
2. At the Printing Services

NOTE: At the beginning of each full semester, $20.00 will be added back into your SpartanPrint account, allowing 400 more black pages or 200 sheets to print. Value in your cash account will be carried forward. However, money given to you in your SpartanPrint account will be depleted before prints are paid for from your cash account again.

Using SpartanPrint

From a campus computer:
Log on to any campus computer. When ready to print, click File | Print (or click the Print icon). Your print job is now in the SpartanPrint system. Find a SpartanPrint printer and log on to the SpartanPrint release station. Select your print job(s) and click Print, if you are within your quota your job will then print.

If you’ve exhausted your quota and have a cash balance, swipe your MU ID card and enter your PIN. Your print job will be printed on that printer. That fee is charged against your quota/balance in your Spartan Print account when the job is printed.

Getting Help
The ITS Helpdesk at x5454 or