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Upcoming Events

March 7; SAFE ZONE training!

May 2; Drag Show! - Sign Up by April 10th


Fall Semester:

Campout at Koinonia

The over-night campout at Koinonia is a celebration of the current year (its events, people, learning, personal growth, etc.), a time to plan for the year, and a time to appreciate good friends and good company.

Pride Week:

Monday:  "Day of Silence and Night of Noise!"

WEAR RED!  The Day of Silence is reserved for protesting the silence of LGBT people and their allies. Students do not speak for most of the day and wear nametags that denote their participation in the activity. In order to participate, stop by the Jo Young Switzer Center entrance to sign-up!


Tuesday:  "Trans* Day!"

WEAR ORANGE!  Today is in honor of our Trans* community. The goal of the day is to demonstrate the limitations that gender binary places on society, and we work to overcome them.  In order to participate, stop by the Jo Young Switzer Center entrance and get your nails painted and you faux mustaches! Tonight is also our regular United Sexualities meeting night! Come by to customize a T-shirt that you can wear to the Candlelight Vigil on Thursday!


Wednesday:  "Ally Day!"

WEAR YELLOW!  Today is in honor of our amazing allies!  Show the best part of being an ally by coming to our booth in the Jo Young Switzer Center Entrance and fill out an "I Support..." nametag!


Thursday: "All-Love Day!"

WEAR GREEN!  Today is in honor of our bisexual, pansexual, and asexual community!  To particpate, stop by the Jo Young Switzer Center entrance for free hugs and a surprise!  Additionally, in honor of National Coming Out Day U.S. promotes honesty and openness about being a member of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and ally community. The vigil is held in support of LGBT people who feel unable to take their next steps out of the closet.

Friday: "Lesbian and Gay Day"

WEAR BLUE! Come to Academic Center room 101 at 8 p.m. for a movie!


Saturday:  Gay Prom!

WEAR VIOLET!  Many LGBT students experience discrimination at their high school proms (i.e. strict "gender appropriate" attire, denial of couples' tickets, etc.) Gay Prom is an opportunity to attend a prom which is open to everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other quality.  We will be inthe Science Center Atrium at 9 p.m.!  Be there!

January Term:

To be announced.


Spring Semester:

Drag Show

Whereas biological sex is determined at birth, gender is ascribed. (We wrap newborn girls in pink blankets, and boys in blue blankets, for example.) Societal norms dictate how a person must dress, act, speak, and think according to their ascribed gender. However, very few of us, if any, are entirely feminine or masculine, because gender is fluid and can vary widely. The Drag Show provides a stage for the performance of gender in all of its variations.

The Drag Show is Manchester's largest student-run event with around 20 performances and 400 attendees.  The show is annually scheduled for the Saturday of May Day weekend and takes place in Wampler Auditorium.  If you would like to participate, or have any questions, please contact

Drag Show after party


Contact with questions or concerns.

Join us on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. in the SAC!