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2014 Manchester University Graduate Survey

Last name First name Address
City State Zip
Telephone E-mail Major
Minor Degree  
May the University share your post-graduation information (excluding salary) for public promotional purposes? (If No, your information will only be used internally.)
Are you legally authorized to permanently work in the United States?
How likely are you to recommend Manchester University to a close friend or relative?
(on a scale of 1-9, with 1 being “absolutely not” and 9 being “extremely likely”):

How well did your Manchester education prepare you for your career or further studies? 

Please complete the SECTION that accurately reflects your current status. If you wish to add personal comments, please use the comments field below (limit 100 words). Thanks for your assistance!
Section I (Please complete this section even if not employed in your field.)
Are you employed or
in volunteer service

Employer name City
State Date hired Your job title
Annual salary
(Confidential! Used only for averages.)
Please describe the relationship between your current job and the career field you hope to enter.

    Is a bachelor's degree required for your current job?

How satisfied are you with your current job?

How did you first hear about the job?
(Please select only one.)

source (specify)


Section II

Name/Location of school Field of Study
Degree you are pursuing    
Section III
Number of organizations with which you have interviewed
Number of job offers received Preferred geographic location
Check all the job strategies you have used.

Section IV
I am not actively seeking full-time employment.
I am planning to continue my education but am not yet enrolled.


Thank you!
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