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Alumni Career Network Program
Thank you for your participation in the Career Network Program. Your contact information and ways in which you are willing to assist students through the Career and Graduate/Professional School Information component of this form will be made available to Manchester University students.

Information from the Employer Relations and Internships components of this form will be shared with Manchester University academic departments and used by the Office of Career Services.
Personal Information
I am a

Career and Graduate/Professional School Information
I am available to visit campus on Monday, October 13, 2014, from 7-8 p.m. to participate in the Career Expo and share information about my profession with first-year students.

I would be glad to share general information about my job and career field and/or graduate/professional school. Please list me with others who are willing to receive direct contact by phone or e-mail.
I am willing to participate in informational interviews with students in order to discuss my job and career field in depth.
I am willing to make a year-long commitment to serve as a mentor to a student in my career field.
I am willing to host a group of students for a site visit day at my place of employment in order to introduce students to my company.
I am willing to return to campus and talk about my career field and/or graduate/professional school.
I am able to talk with minority and/or international students about diversity and discrimination issues in the workplace.
Employer Relations
I am willing to mail, fax, or e-mail information about current job openings.
I am interested in conducting on-campus job interviews for employment in my organization.
I am willing to recommend Manchester University as a recruiting source for my employer.
I am willing to serve as an internship sponsor. (Internships provide work experience for a student to gain first-hand insights into a specific career field. We will refer your interest to the appropriate departments.)
I am willing to serve as an externship sponsor. (Externships are short-term projects for students to gain first-hand experience in a specific career field. Externships are often one-week placements.)
Optional Information


Thank you!
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