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Guide to Internships

Learn more about our shared funding internship program!

Benefits of Interns

  • Utilize inexpensive, yet good quality short-term employees

  • Take advantage of extra personnel to start that "future projects" list today

  • Benefit from the academic expertise and enthusiasm of college students

  • Use internships as a way to recruit and screen potential full-time hires

  • Promote a positive image for your organization on campus by providing great internship experiences

  • Provide specialized experience for students in the field, enabling them to develop professional skills and work ethics

  • Introduce students to career options in Indiana which may entice them to live and work in the state after graduation

How to Create an Internship Program

Strategies for a Successful Internship

Spartan Jobs

An Intern at Half Price?

Through a grant from Lilly Endowment, Inc., Manchester University partners with employers to fund local internships designed to introduce students to career opportunities in Indiana. For more details e-mail us.


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