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Manchester Food Pantry
Fellowship Food Pantry

Mission Statement: The United Fund of Wabash County shall endeavor to provide the necessary financial aid and human resources to support qualified organizations in their efforts to enhance the quality of life for any and all of the residents in Wabash County.

The Fellowship Food Pantry, run by Rowena Greer, serves between 45 and 60 families a week across the Manchester area. The pantry supplies them with food, including meats, perishables and fresh produce as well as toiletry necessities that those families might not otherwise be able to afford. Families can visit the pantry once during a month’s time, and must meet specific guidelines as well as have the proper paper work filled out. The pantry is run primarily through donations of food and money from groups and grocers in the area, as well as through the United Fund of Wabash County.

Volunteer Opportunities include:

  • Manual Assistance: Help load/unload and sort trucks and donations as they come in, as well as take and fill orders from visitors to the pantry and then help to carry boxes to cars.

Important Information about the Opportunity:

This opportunity is not only open to volunteers going and working at the site, but also to receiving donations, both in monetary and food form, from drives coordinated by volunteers.

The pantry is open for people to visit and receive food from 1-5pm on Wednesdays. However, the rest of the week is spent stocking the shelves, sorting food, and organizing the paper work needed to keep the pantry functional.

For more information, please contact:

Rowena Greer

500 North
N. Manchester IN, 46962
(Behind the old CVS building)


If you ever have any questions or suggestions about volunteer opportunities, please feel free to contact the Manchester University Office of Volunteer Services: ovs@manchester.edu.