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Manchester Thrift Store

The Manchester Thrift Store is an outlet for North Manchester’s residents and the college students to purchase quality used items for a lower price than if they were to get it new at a department store, etc. They receive and sort through donations, labeling and pricing each item if they deem it quality enough to include in their store.

Volunteer Opportunities include:

  • Volunteer opportunities will be requested as they are needed by the site. If one is requested by the agency, it will be posted as soon as possible.

Important Information about the Opportunity:
The Thrift store is open to accepting those volunteers who need community service because of disciplinary action or the college's judicial review. For instances of this nature, please contact the contacts below for more information.

Because the opportunities are based on a come and go basis, amount of time and commitment will vary considerably based on what is needed from the site.

For more information, please contact:

Mary Fraisier
Terrie Workman
(260) 982 4592

108 S. Mill St
N. Manchester, IN 46962


If you ever have any questions or suggestions about volunteer opportunities, please feel free to contact the Manchester University Office of Volunteer Services: ovs@manchester.edu.