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The Beaman Home
Domestic Violence Shelter and Outreach

The Beaman Home is a shelter for women (sometimes men) and their families who are victims of domestic violence. They currently hold 13 beds, but often can accommodate more depending on the number of smaller children who are able to sleep with adults and in cribs/playpens. In most cases, victims flee situations with little to none of their belongings, so the Beaman Home supplies not only a bed, shelter and the ability for a hot shower. but also food, clothes and other necessities for up to 45 days. The shelter itself is in a confidential location, better protecting the residents from further violence. To help rebuild a more solid foundation after such an ordeal, the Beaman Home helps to connect victims with helpful agencies, such as housing officials, medicare, food stamps, etc.

Volunteer Opportunities include:

  • Donations: Helping to collect and sort donations, monetary and tangible, in a way that makes it easier to find and hand out in times of quick crisis.

  • Transporting: Accompany the Beaman Home staff to transport residents to agencies, etc, or drive residents themselves.

  • Answering Phone: Answer questions about the program, but may also include handling a crisis call, in which victims need help or advice as soon as possible.

  • Tutoring Children Involved: Because of the ordeals these children go through along with pre-existing complications, some children are found to be slipping behind substantially within their studies. One on one attention and involvement is recommended to help ease the transition.

  • Childcare: Spending time and playing with involved children. One on one time is important for children, as well as the reassurance that there still is the ability to have fun. It is also important that the children know that someone cares for them and their wellbeing.

  • Support Groups: Run or help run a support group for victims and family members involved. (Great for those interested in a counseling field)
  • Outreach Trips: Accompany a Beaman Home staff member to visit a possible victim at a place besides their home or the shelter to discuss possible options and plans of action if the need be.

  • Community Speaking: The staff of the Beaman Home occasionally speak at events about their program to groups that may be interested in helping. They also aim to spread the word that domestic violence is not an event that needs to be lived with, but something that is wrong and has options od escape and support.

The Beaman Home also has an annual event that is used as a fundraiser for the program. At the beginning of June, they sponsor a golf outing. However, the month or two leading up to the event, help making phone calls to nearby businesses for donations of gift certificates or merchandise for prizes.


For those students interested in volunteering at the Beaman Home:

  • Fill out volunteer application
  • Submit permission to undergo a background check (however, it is not always needed)
  • Sign an agreement to the confidentiality of the home
  • Sign an agreement that the shelter is smoke and drug free

Important Information about the Opportunity:

The Beaman Home is described as a “fast paced, ever-changing and hands-on” shelter. The staff may plan something but because of possible in-coming victims, things might change at the last possible moment. Those thinking about volunteering in this venue should probably be a self-proclaimed “people person,” compassionate, able to deal with individuals with low self esteem, and extremely understanding. Victims are experiencing a complete uprooting and different people react differently, meaning that they need time and care to deal with things as they happen.

With a 24 hour and 7 day a week shelter, any available time that a student might have, will and more than likely can be accommodated.

For more information, please contact:

Rachel Wallace
Residential advocate
(574) 269-3044
(574) 267-7701

Or visit The Beaman Home's homepage.

If you ever have any questions or suggestions about volunteer opportunities, please feel free to contact the Manchester University Office of Volunteer Services: ovs@manchester.edu.