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Matt “D-Port” Davenport to move on after three
years as Hall Director of Schwalm Hall
Manchester students meet to discuss Lenten studies
What does the Second Amendment really mean?
Professors Pyrah and Williams debate
Student Budget Board to consider raising Student Activity fee
MC students choose to STAND against genocide
Good intentions can still receive negative reactions
Renovations planned for Garver Hall
MC students gain valuable experience in Nicaragua
Spartan baseball travels to South Carolina, starts season 2-3
Throwers look forward to outdoor Track season
Manchester Symphonic Band made music in Puerto Rico
El Mezquite offers authentic Mexican cuisine with variety
Wet or Dry Campus?
Keep accessibility simple at Manchester College
Matt Davenport "D-Port" to say farewell to Manchester College
People meeting Matthew Davenport, Schwalm's hall director, for the first  time, think that his personable disposition and charm just might come rising out of him like steam.  It is palpable stuff when you are around him.  He will make you comfortable without your ever really knowing it. [Read More]

Renovations planned for Garver Hall
JON DRAVET Garver Hall recently obtained fifty
thousand dollars from the
Manchester College’s Vision Fund in
order to give Garver a well-needed
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Possible East Street apartment changes
If you're planning on living in East
Street Apartments next year, you
may want to think again. Changes to
the traditionally off-campus apartments
have some up in arms and
others rejoicing.
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Students meet to discuss student activity fee
The Student Budget Board held a
forum last Friday to discuss a potential
$50 increase in the student activity
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Professors debate the Second Amendment
MICHAEL RAINES The Lahman Room in the Upper
Union was home to a debate about
the Second Amendment’s true meaning
on Monday, March 3. MC
Professors Brad Pyrah and Leonard
Williams discussed opposing sides of
the topic while Brad Nadborne
served as the mediator.
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Spartan baseball travels to South Carolina, starts season 2-3
LOGAN SMITH The Manchester College Spartan baseball team opened their 2008 season by traveling to sunny Myrtle
Beach, South Carolina, last week for a series of baseball games.
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MC Symphonic Band plays in Puerto Rico
LISA EWING The Manchester Symphonic Band
went to Puerto Rico for a music tour from January 24-January 30 to perform several concerts for the people


Wet or Dry Campus?
JUSTINE CIBOCH For MC’s seniors, the majority of its
juniors and a few sophomores, the luxury
of being twenty-one or older, and
legal, is a blessing during our college
years. It is a time for making memories,
both good and bad, and deciding
whether to take that other drink with
your friends or to say enough is