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Midwest Paint Group Dsplayed in Gallery G  
Caleb Noffsinger
Staff Writer

Art has an effect on everyone. For some, it can invoke sadness, or happiness. Galleries of art offer much more of that effect. At Manchester University’s Gallery G, the show “Realism and its Discontents” by the Midwest Paint Group is no exception to this effect. It captures the beauty of the Midwest and other scenes on the canvas effortlessly.

With the wide variety from landscapes to nudes, at least one painting is bound to catch the viewer’s eye and elicit emotion, or a response. All of the pieces are notable and more than very well done. The use of colors in this gallery is breathtaking and inspiring.

The gallery will get a lot of traffic over the next few weeks so be sure to be a part of the experience of these magnificent pieces of art, and do not be afraid; the gallery is not looking for a certain type of audience, but a broad spectrum of people.

The gallery is here to help support the art curriculum at the University and it will be featuring a piece painted by Manchester alumnus Ron Weaver. The show itself will be up till just past Thanksgiving.

There will be a reception Oct. 16 from 1 till 3, with drinks provided and the chance to meet a few of the artists. Megan Williamson, Amy MaClennan, Michael Neary, Timothy King and Philip Hale will all be there. This will be a time to meet a part of the group and ask them questions about their art, or just come on up and hang out surrounded by these beautiful pieces and great company.

The gallery is located on the upper level of the Union across from the Success Center. And do not forget to look at the art in the Link Gallery in Winger and the lower level of the new Academic Center. Gallery G is open for view from 8 a.m. till 5 p.m. on Monday through Friday, closed on Saturday and open 12 till 3 on Sunday.

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