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Bellace Brings a Better High to MU Students

Motivational speaker Matt Bellace had an important message for Manchester University students this past Monday: “Get High Naturally.” Presenting as part of Manchester’s fall VIA series, Bellace encouraged students to make healthy choices and to avoid artificial highs.

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Withers's 'I Am a Man' Photos Grace Campus
Jacob Ray In 1968 Ernest Withers took a photograph of Martin Luther King Jr.’s funeral procession. Some 44 years later, Ernest Withers, that photo, and nine others also capturing American civil rights history, line the first floor of Manchester University’s Academic Center.
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Skateboarding Now Banned From MU Campus
Devin Clark
Not only is Manchester University tobacco-free, it’s also skate free. Skateboard free, that is. It used to be that students could have skateboards on campus, but due to a few issues dealing with students and skateboards the rules changed.

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Residence Halls: Ice Boxes or Infernos
Kari Cottingim There are mixed feelings about the air conditioning situations in Manchester University's residence halls. While Garver, Helman, Oakwood and the East Street apartments have air conditioning, East and Schwalm Halls do not. 
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Creath Returns as Peace Studies Coordinator

Hannah Schutter
Rebecca Creath is no stranger to Manchester University or Manchester’s peace studies program. Creath is a 2011 Manchester peace studies graduate with minors in sociology and gender studies.

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MU Spartans Volleyball Picks Up Momentum

Charlaine GrosseThe volleyball team seems to be sticking to its goal of the beginning of the season. Last Saturday, Sept. 15, the Spartans won a four-set over Purdue North Central and swept Wilmington College of Ohio. Are both of those victories due to the freshness of the new MU volleyball team?
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Atheletic Trainers Treat Injuries, Provide Support to Athletes
Ariel Smith For Manchester University’s athletic training department, the days are not short. While covering sporting events, including practices, is a huge part of their jobs, so is teaching and advising. Student athletes make up a big portion of the student body and Manchester University participates in 19 different intercollegiate sports.
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ACEN Stairwells A Treacherous Place for All
Kaitie KemperUsing the stairways in the new Academic Center is comparable to the “stampede in the gorge” scene from “The Lion King”: one misstep, and there is a good chance you will get trampled.
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