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College of Pharmacy Shows Promise for Future

This is the inaugural year for the Manchester University College of Pharmacy, having welcomed the first class of 64 students in August 2012. The College of Pharmacy, with a brand-new building located in Fort Wayne, is the only pharmacy program located in northern Indiana, and predictions have been made that the enrollment, when this current class graduates, will be up to almost 300. And the venue is ready.

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Higher Learning Commission Comes to MU
Daivd Lloyd While students were busy going through the hustle and bustle of classes and trying to make the grade this week, Manchester University was hard at work doing the same.
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Activist Suu Kyi Speaks at Ft. Wayne Conference
Charlaine GrossePolitical Activist and hero Aung San Suu Kyi, who was under house arrest for 15 years and  who won the Myanmar’s (formerly called Burma) parliament elections in April, visited Fort Wayne on Sept. 25, 2012.

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Electric Car Charger Appears on Campus
Kyle Lahman Manchester University’s campus received a welcome addition in early September. As part of Indiana’s Project Plug-IN initiative, Duke Energy installed an electric car charger at the south end of the Union parking lot.
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Admin Building Adjusts to Being 'Student-Free'

Kaitie Kemper The creaky, wooden floors of the Administration Building are no longer quaking under mass amounts of traffic from students filing from class to class. Classrooms and faculty offices were relocated to the new Academic Center this summer, and this move has showcased a major change in character for the Administration Building.
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MU Men's Soccer Wins Conference Opener

Kari CottingimManchester University's men's soccer team transitioned into conference games last week. They started the week against Ohio Northern University and Andrews University, and ended on Saturday with their first conference game against Hanover College.  [Read More]

MLB Hall of Fame or Hall of Stain
Matt Harter Most professional athletes enjoy the money, fame and attention that come with being one of the best in the world at his or her particular sport, but there is one thing that every athlete desires. In about two months from now, the Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA) will receive ballots for the National Baseball Hall of Fame Class of 2013.
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Homework, Study Load in College
Caleb NoffsingerIn high school we are constantly told that in college we will be swamped by homework, and studies. But how much of this is really true? Yes we all have a great deal more of personal studies and making sure we know the material but the actual assigned homework load is different for some than expected. So exactly how true are those high school teachers when they specifically say “homework,” not just “studying.”
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