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Trackless Performs at WBKE's FuzeFest
Hannah Schutter
Staff Writer

After winning last year’s Battle of the Bands and opening for The Knux at Chet Fest, Trackless came back to Manchester on Friday to perform at WBKE’s FuzeFest.

Held in Wampler Auditorium, Manchester University students graced the stage first. “They were simply volunteers who enjoy performing and wanted to participate in the event for fun,” said WBKE Sports Director and FuzeFest emcee, Mark Zinser. Openers included musical performances of original, student-written songs and covers by Chris Minter, Trevor Kimm and Brandon Curry and the comedic stylings of Michael Paynter.

After the openers concluded, Trackless, a band comprised of Ball State University students, began to perform. This group boasts nearly 600 “likes” on Facebook and has an album set to be released by Christmas. “We think they will go somewhere in the music industry, hopefully in the near future,” Zinser said.

With a set list containing pieces ranging from covers (like Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks”) and original songs, this five-person band entertained an intimate crowd and made sure the audience was on its feet and dancing the entire time.

WBKE had been in talks with Trackless for over a year to get them to come back and put on a show at Manchester’s FuzeFest. Trackless “blew us away last year,” said Megan Fetters, WBKE advisor.

Zinser said: “They [Trackless] thrived to develop a deep relationship with us.”

FuzeFest, completely run by WBKE members, was organized so there was a “fun event to attend [on campus, but to] hopefully raise some awareness of the radio station and its presence on campus. We want students to be excited when WBKE is involved with something, like they are when there is a MAC event,” Zinser said. WBKE’s other big event is Chet Fest, which is usually held sometime in April.

Amidst raffles of gift baskets and WBKE apparel, Trackless performed for a couple of hours until having to conclude their show. Unlike the concerts I have been to, the band members simply stepped off of the stage upon finishing and began to interact with the crowd. Having no “roadies” or crew, Trackless members sat up their merchandise table on their own and handled money while selling t-shirts and EPs.

It was apparent that the band members were not in Hollywood just yet, though, seeing that they are all senior students at Ball State. Instead of discussing after parties and record labels, the Trackless band members were overheard discussing papers they had to write over topics like the History of Constantinople, and like any overworked student, were jokingly offering to pay someone to write the paper for them. It seems that the fame and notoriety has not gotten to Trackless’s heads.

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