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Trackless Performs at WBKE's Fuzefest

After winning last year's Battle of the Bands and opening for The Knux at Chest Fest, Trackless came back to Manchester on Friday to Perform at WBKE's Fuzefest. Held in Wampler Auditorium, Manchester University students graced the stage first.

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Fort Wayne Ballet Performs for MU Students
Ariel Smith
A new kind of athleticism was brough to Manchester University on Thursday, November 15th, when the Fort Wayne Ballet came to show off some excerpts from its rendition of Tchaikovsky's "The Nutcracker," their annual performance for the holiday season.

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Alpha Mu Gamma Inducts Students, Professor
lKyle Lahman
On Sunday, Nov. 18, nine students and one professor were inducted into Alpha Mu Gamma, a foreign-language honor society. The ceremony took place in front of an intimate gathering of family, friends and colleagues in the Academic Center auditorium.
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MU Reaches Semi-Finals of AICPA Competition
Devin Clark
Accounting students who were members of Manchester University’s “Team America” were one of the 20 teams of the entire nation to participate in the annual AICPA, or the American Institute of Certified Public Accountant, competition.

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Green Gives Intricate Performacne at Manchester

Heather Elson
Todd Green, a one man band, serenaded about 50 audience members with a stage full of instruments from around the world at Cordier Auditorium Tuesday night. Green goes on tour with his instruments including his Oud (Middle East) and Sarangi (India), both of which are part of the string family, and his Mocseno, a type of flute, from South America.

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Spartan Athletics Reveals New Web Design

Jacob Ray Manchester has joined the ranks of ESPN online with its newly designed athletics website. Not only does it appear more eye-catching and modern, but it’s more efficient, with information placed in easily navigated categories. [Read More]

'Play of the Week' Awarded to MU's Scribner in Week Four
Brock Ireland Manchester University Defensive End Jon Scribner, a sophmore from Huntertown, Indiana, received national honors and HCAC Play of the Week Honor.

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What Has 'Black Friday' Become?
Ashley McClinticBlack Friday has become a holiday of its own, leaving Thanksgiving behind as an option for those who are desperate for a good deal.
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