We, the members of Manchester University Residence Hall Association, strive to provide a strong foundation where the Manchester University community becomes known locally as well as nationally through programming and leadership.  We intend to do so by improving the overall state of the Residence Halls as well as by providing community interaction and growth through leadership.



Residence Hall Association

The main goal of the Residence Hall Association (RHA) is to represent residents' concerns on campus, while also providing programming and enhancements to residence life. RHA is an opportunity for students to get valuable leadership experience. Each hall has two representatives that attend Hall Council and then speak on behalf of their hall at RHA Meetings. The funding comes directly from the students they represent and then are distributed to the RHA organization and each residence hall on campus. RHA hosts a wide variety of social programs that allow students to gain pride in their hall, compete amongst others, and serve the MU community. The RHA organization and the events it sponsors are a great way to get to know students from all over campus!

Residence Hall Association Events:

  • Camp Mack Euchre Tournament and Canoe Races
  • Homecoming Hair Spray, Face Tattoos
  • MU's Got TAlent
  • Casino Night
  • GLACURH Conference
  • Suitcase Dance
  • Battle of the Buildings

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East Hall

Garver Hall

Helman Hall

Oakwood Hall

Schwalm Hall

East Street Apartments



Here are some pictures from some of the many events we sponsor as well as the conferences we attend! (Click on the thumbnails to view the galleries hosted on Flickr)


Camp Mack 2011