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Honor Roll of Contributors



Donors who have contributed $5,000 or more to Manchester from January 1, 2013 through
December 31, 2013

*Consecutive giving during each of the last five calendar years


Ms. Carol E. Anstine
Ms. Ruth A. Anstine
*Paris and Becky Ball-Miller
*Mr. and Mrs. Ernest G. Barr
*Mr. and Mrs. John C. Bollinger
*Dr. David R. and Dr. Madonna E. Bowman
*Mr. and Mrs. D. Randall Brown
*Mr. and Mrs. Tom B. Buch
*Mrs. Miriam Cable
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. Campbell
*Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. Chaffee
*Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E. Chinworth
*Mrs. Carol Colclasure
*Mr. J. Christopher Craig
* Mr. and Mrs. Barry L. Deardorff
* Dr. Wendell L. and Marcia L. Taylor Dilling
* Ms. Sara S. Edgerton
Miss Sarah J. Eldridge
*Mrs. Doris Gene Alber Ferrari
Mr. Richard E. Ford
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Fourman
*Phil and Linda Frantz
Mark W. and Tamera J. Garrett
*Mr. and Mrs. David Grandstaff
*Mr. and Mrs. David M. Grant
*Dr. Karl M. Grisso
*Mrs. Lois Guess
*Sam and Norma Gunnerson
*John and Jennifer Haines
*Sandy and Dave Haist
*Mrs. Elizabeth L. Halleck
*Steven and Lila Hammer
*Dr. and Ms. Donald R. Hardman
Detlev Heinrich
*Jane Henney, M.D., and J. Robert Graham, M.D.
*Mr. Jean-Louis Trochu and Ms. Cynthia A. Hoff Trochu
*Robert L. Hollenberg
*Dr. and Mrs. Keim T. Houser
*Dr. Peter D. and Dr. Judith K. Hruschka
Dr. Janis C. Johnston
E. Leon and Leanna M. Keister Music Scholarship Trust
*Mr. and Mrs. Rufus B. King
*Mr. and Mrs. Shawn A. Kobb
*Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Leander
*Marsha and Bill Link
*Dr. and Mrs. Wilson B. Lutz
*Neva Mason
*Dr. and Mrs. James D. Masterson
*Dr. and Mrs. David F. McFadden
*Dr. Wilbur D. McFadden
*Mr. Grady E. and Ms. Paula M. Mendenhall
*Mr. Kenneth D. Metzger
*Donald E. Miller
*Dr. Edward and Mrs. Martha Miller
*Virginia C. Morris ('44) and Leo R. Morris ('47)
*Miss Linda L. Murbach
Mrs. Evelyn Niswander
*Dr. Joyce A. and Rev. Wilfred E. Nolen
*Mrs. Shirley R. Norris
Mr. and Mrs. Joe W. Ogden
*Esther Pfleiderer Trust
*David and Cinda Lehman Pittman
Mr. Charles Reece
Mr. and Mrs. Leon E. Renner
*Dr. Thomas R. Riethof
*Norman and Melinda Rohrer
*Dr. and Mrs. Eugene F. Roop
Mr. and Mrs. W. Mark Rosenbury
*Mr. and Mrs. Larry Rowland
*Glenn and Allyson Santner
*Mr. Mark C. Sherman
*Dr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Sprunger
*Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie A. Steele
Dr. and Mrs. Donald L. Surbey
*Dr. David Sutton
*Dr. Jo Young Switzer and Dr. Dave Switzer
*Howard N. and Mary K. Uhrig
*Ford and Dora M. Wallick Trust
*Mr. and Mrs. John A. Whisler
*Mrs. Dorotha Neher Brandon Williams
*Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Winger
*Dr. and Mrs. Phil and Marcia Wright
Barb Young-Miller
*Mr. and Mrs. John D. Zeglis
*Dr. and Mrs. Elvin G. Zook
Anonymous (4)