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Perhaps like nothing else, the Chime represents Manchester. It is the great tradition, experienced in the same way by so many people for so many years. It is fitting that the Chime will be showcased in a new freestanding tower in the heart of campus. Because
it is the heart of our campus.



“I will never forget
the sound of the Chime.
Wherever I go in life,
I will hear it in my head
— and my heart.”

– William Kallas ’12


We keep a playlist of our favorite sounds stored in memory – our mother’s voice, our children’s laughter, lake water lapping the shore of a favorite retreat.

For many Manchester alumni, the peal of the Chime is one of those sounds. Like comfort food, the Chime plays in our memories for years after we leave this beautiful oak-shaded campus. And like the other sounds on our personal playlist, the Chime reminds us of who we are, where we come from and what we hold dear.

For almost 90 years, the Chime has been Manchester’s morning call to the start of a new day, and an evening balm that casts a soothing spell on a gentle community. It rousts students to 8 a.m. classes, charms first-time visitors, and delights nostalgic alumni.

When alumni and friends raised $8,700 to purchase the Chime in 1922, it was a gift not only to the University, but to all residents of North Manchester. Little did they know that their investment in five tons of cast bronze would become an icon of the Manchester University experience.

The Manchester University Chime consists of 10 bells ranging from 550 to 2,650 pounds. Chimers push hand levers in a room directly below the bells. The levers are attached to wooden rods that attach to chains and leather straps on the clappers. Pushing down on the levers pulls the clappers against the bells.

Each of the bells is inscribed with Scripture verses or phrases that speak to the values and ideals of Manchester University: Christian education, praise, devotion, peace, brotherhood, love, hope, faith, evangelism and watchfulness.

The Manchester Chime is steeped in treasured history. The bells are played on weekdays during the school year at 7:45 a.m. and 6 p.m. – secular music in the morning, sacred music in the evening. They’re also played for special occasions such as commencement, Homecoming, Alumni Days, weddings and memorial services. THE BENEFITS >

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Preserving and elegantly housing the bells.

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