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Alumni Honor Award Recipients

Alumni Honor Award Recipients 2014

Joan LeValley '57Joan LeValley '57 - Since graduating from Manchester, Joan LeValley has served as an accountant, a tax preparer and an IRS representative. In 2006, she testified before Congress regarding a bill concerning tax preparer reforms. She has been on the list of the top 50 IRS Representation Practitioners in the U.S., named Person of the Year by the Illinois Independent Accountant Association three times and was named Accountant of the Year by the National Society of Accountants. LeValley was
also awarded the Excellence in Partnering with the IRS Small Business/Self-Employed Division as owner of JCL & Company. [Read citation]

Terry Pettit '68Terry Pettit '68 - After completing his bachelor’s degree in English from
Manchester, Terry Pettit earned his master’s degree from the University of
Arkansas and spent a few years teaching. He then adjusted his teaching focus and became the women’s volleyball head coach at the University of Nebraska. In his 23 years as coach at Nebraska, Terry led his teams to 18 Big Eight conference championships, three Big 12 conference championships, 19 consecutive NCAA tournament appearances, six Final Four appearances, one national championship and an astounding 694-148 record. Terry coached 36 All-Americans along with 18 Academic All-Americans and earned several coaching accolades including two Coach of the Year awards from the American Volleyball Coaches Association. Since retiring in 2000, Terry has returned to his academic roots, authoring two books and an instructional DVD. [Read citation]

Distinguished Honor Award 2014
Steve AlfordSteve Alford – In 1992, after a standout career at Indiana University and a short stint in the NBA, Alford began his collegiate coaching career at Manchester. He took over a Spartan team that had lost its first eight contests and finished the season with a 4-24 record. In his following three seasons as the head coach of the Spartans, Alford amassed an impressive 74-13 record. The Spartans reached the NCAA Division III Tournament in each of his three full seasons and fell just one game short of a perfect season and a national championship in 1995. After his time at Manchester, Alford went on to coach for four years at Southwest Missouri State University, eight years at the University of Iowa, and six years at the University of New Mexico. 2013-14 marked his first season as head basketball coach at UCLA. In his 23 years of coaching, he has recorded the most NCAA victories (491) of any coach in the nation age 50 or younger.  Coach Alford received his award on September 13, 2014. [Read citation]


Alumni Honor Award Recipients - Past Years
(recipient listed by last name)

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Bailey, Ralph '51
Ball, Arden '63
Barnhart, Marjorie '37
Barr, Ernest '50
Barrett Rendler, Ruth Barrett '82
Beery, Robert '36
Bendsen, Olga '38
Biggs, Robert '67
Blickenstaff, Leonard '34
Blickenstaff, Zara '38
Boda, Marguerite Zumbrun '25
Bowman, Paul '46
Brand, Jerry '63
Bridges, Jane '83
Brookover, Wilbur '33
Brumbaugh, Grayce '32
Bullock, Freddie '73
Bunce, George '42
Burke, Eldon '22
Burke, Homer '21
Burt, Carl '27
Butler, Arthur '44
Butterbaugh, Edgar '49
Bwala, Hyedima '71
Byerly, Carl '28

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Chaffee, Chuck '64
Chanthalangsy, Pawn '76
Chapman, Linda Brown '71
Christopher, William '60
Coffman, H. McKinley '59
Compton, Russell '31
Conrad, Duard '25
Cordier, Dorothy Butterbaugh '23
Cory, Dennis '66
Cripe, Floyd '21
Curless, Robert '38

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Deeter, Joan George '53
Dilling, Carole Welch '62
Dilling, Yvonne '79
Dillman, Glen '69
Ding-Jo, Hsia Currie '75
Dresher, Edith '23
Durnbaugh, Donald '49
Dye, Cloyd '55

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Eash, Maurice '50
Eastlund, Marvin '66
Easton , James '64
Eberly, John '29
Edgerton, Sarah '70
Edwards, C. Lowell '50
Eikenberry, Ivan '35
Eikenberry, Mary Flora '36
Eikenberry, Terril '73
Emrick, Ernestine Hoff '40
Emrick, Michael '68

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Finnell, Loren '64
Firebaugh, Douglas '62
Fisher, Glen '45
Fisher, Gletha Noffsinger '30
Flory, Charles '24
Flory, Kristin '78
Flory, Paul '31
Frederick, Donald '39
Fry, Ivan '46
Fry-Miller, Kathleen Fry '75

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Gall, Irma '55
Garber, James '50
Garner, Jasper '48
Garner, Warren '50
Garver, Earl '33
Garwood, Carolyn Simmers '49
Gibbel, J. Paul '20
Gilbert, Martha Rupel '29
Gilliland, Karen King '70
Gressley, Gene '52
Grove, Dean A. '67
Gump, Arlo '31
Gunnerson, Samuel '64

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Haist, David A. '73
Haist, Sandy Cleveland '74, '02
Haley, J. Wilbur '24
Hamer, Esther Rinehart '50
Hamer, John '48
Hamilton, Marie Ikenberry '23
Hamilton, Stanley '32
Hammond, Mary Coppock '41
Hardman, Carolyn Moldenhauer ’61
Hare, William '60
Harper, Clara '24
Harper, William N. '66
Harshbarger, Albert '28
Heisey, Lowell '41
Helman, A. Blair
Helman, Cora Wise '22
Henney, Jane '69
Hersch, Ruth Brandt '40
Hilles, Howard '35
Hoff, Lloyd '21
Hoffman, Nancy Walker '76
Holl, Carl '16
Holl, John '60
Holland, Ruth Mangun '50
Hollenberg, Edward L. ’48
Hoover, Paul '68
Houser, D. Stanley '29
Howard, Keith '30
Howell, Ida Shockley '25
Huber, Robert '30
Huffaker, P. L. '23

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Johansen, Robert '62
Johansen, Ruthann Knechel '64
Johnson , Onita Jerew '49
Johnson, Stephen '77
Johnston, Howard '49

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Kastner, Michael '77
Keller, Paul '35
Kettering, Merlyn '65
Kinsley, C. Evan '34
Kinsley, Lucile Buck '34
Kintner, Elgin '39
Kiracofe, Homer '40
Krieg, Philip '70
Kurtz, Sarah '79

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Landis, Moyne '27
Lehman, Della '21
Likens, Gene '57
Likens, Steve '71
Long, Inez Goughnour '39
Longfellow, John '28
Lundin, Frank '49

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Mahoney, Mildred '45
Martin, Don '28
Mason, Dorotha Winger '48
May, Melanie '76
McFadden, Ralph '55
McFadden, W. Glenn '28
McFadden, Wilbur '53
Metzger, Ken '67
Michael, Peter M. '74
Mikesell, D. Blaine '37
Miller, Clemmy '20
Miller, Edward '56
Miller, Martha Showalter '56
Miller, Noble '25
Miller, Wayne '48
Minnich, H.Spenser '17
Mishler, Rick '74
Montel, Gary '65
Morris, Michael J. '71
Mow, Anna Beahm '18
Moyer, Elgin '14
Moyer, Faye '22
Mullen, Wilbur '52

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Nees, Opal Pence '50
Neher, Clarence '37
Neher, O. W. '16
Noffsinger, Stanley J. '76
Nyhart, Howard '23

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Ogden, Tim '87
Oswalt, Sylvia Eidemiller '50
Ott, Beverly '80
Oxender, Dale '54

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Parker, Donald '56
Parker, Robert '57
Pfleiderer, Esther '30
Plank, Jeffrey '69
Pontius, Keith '55

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Rhoades, J. Benton '42
Rhoades, Ruby Frantz '45
Rieman, Louise Baldwin '69
Rieman, Philip '69
Riethof, Thomas '49
Robinson, Bill - Distinguished Honor Award 2013
Rolston, Wendell '29
Roop, Eugene '64
Roop, G. Fred '39
Roop, Lois Berkebile '38
Ross, Keith '34
Royer, Homer '29
Royer, Howard '52
Rupel, Esther '47
Rupel, Lucile Sherck '30

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Sargent, Galen '23
Schantz, Elizabeth '52
Schechter, Joseph '47
Schutz, Salena '25
Schwalm, Vernon '13
Shafer, Elaine Snyder '89
Shaffer, James '35
Shankster, Celia Smith '49
Shankster, Owen '59
Sheller, H. Lynn '26
Sherman, Anita Weaver ’79
Shull, Ernest '37
Shull, Gordon '46
Shull, Lois Netzley '52
Shull, W. Russell '23
Shultz, L. W. '14
Snyder, Graydon '51
Sowles, Marcia '72
Spencer, Sidney '49
Stauffer, Robert '23
Steele, Lonnie '62
Stoner, Ben '28
Stoner, John '26
Switzer, Jo Young '69

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Taubert, Alexis Lybrook '71
Theen, Rolf '59
Thomas, Frances Smith '39
Thomas, Franklin '25
Thompson, Joel '55
Throne, Clair '31
Throne, Paul '49
Tice, Carol Hoff '54
Tolle, Jeannette Jackson '37
Trexler, Edward '50
Tully, Robert '31
Turner, H. Spenser '60

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Uhrig, Howard '47
Ulmer, Edna '58

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Van Dyke, Vernon '33

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Waas, David '47
Wagoner, John '39
Walter, Franklin '51
Walton, Ronald '53
Wampler, Sadie Stutsman '16
Warstler, Anna '30
Weimer, Harry '29
Weimer, Paul '42
Weldy, Gilbert '49
West, Phil '60
Wieand, Cassel '35
Williams, Flora Rouch '59
Wilson, Laura McIntire '32
Winger, Robert '26
Wolfe, Claude '40
Wright, Lowell '35
Wright, Dr. Phillip C. ’78
Wu, Ningkun '48

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Yost, Daryl '58
Yost, M. Dwayne '57
Young, John '42

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Zigler, Robert '42
Zumbrun, Linda '69

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