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The Academic Center creates an environment for more effective teaching, learning and student-faculty interaction. The center features technologically advanced classrooms and positions faculty offices nearby for student access and advising. A new campus Welcome Center creates the meeting place where students visiting the Admissions Office will form their first impressions of Manchester and start their college journeys. Using resources wisely, the Academic Center is a renovation of the Holl-Kintner Hall of Science.



They increased my confidence. Built me up.
Made me realize
I could do it.
They are master teachers.

– Cassie Franks '10
Staff Auditor,
Greenwalt CPAs
Indianapolis, Ind.

One of the first Students First! construction projects was to relocate more than half of Manchester University’s academic programs from the Administration Building to a new Academic Center, into space more appropriate for today’s college students and contemporary learning styles.

Since Manchester opened the Science Center in 2005, the number of first-year students majoring in the sciences has grown from 14 percent to about 30 percent. Renovating Holl-Kintner (right across the mall) into an Academic Center created a perfect opportunity to add similar enrollment growth in other academic programs. Renovating this structurally sound building was more cost-effective than tearing it down and rebuilding from scratch.

  • Walls that are non-load bearing were moved to reconfigure space for current and future needs, including new classrooms of varying sizes and faculty offices. Informal learning and study spaces have modernize the building’s original floor plan.

  • A renovated wing on the south side of the building houses the Admissions Office Welcome Center, directly across from the Jo Young Switzer Center (the union).

  • The building now features state-of-the-art technology, including wireless, high-speed internet. It also received a new roof and insulation, new mechanical systems, energy-efficient windows, and new plumbing and electrical systems. THE BENEFITS >

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Learn why we built a new Academic Center.